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maddie's 1st xmas!


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Jul 20, 2007
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but she'll only b 12 days old! lol! I dunno whether 2 get prezzies or not? I've not felt like going out, mum, liam and his parents think we shud tho lol! :lol: :cheer:
if you're not up to going out just yet, why not order her some clothes or something online, im sure she wont mind if its a few days late. shops will be bedlam tomorrow and you might end up wishing you never went xx
thanks girlies! :)
looks like decision has been made 4 me lol, yesterday me mam+liam disappeared and came back with a shed-load of stuff!! rattles, clothes, little toys really and some stuff 4 when she's a bit older coz her b/day aint till nxt xmas practically (13th dec) so they thougt it would be nice 2 get her stuff like shape sorters, blow up train 2 play on (I had 1 o them lol!), toys that u drag round the room, toys 2 help u walk and all kindsa stuff like tha :D
am glad tho that they did it coz it'll b nice now :) xx

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