Looking for women 18-30 y old single mum by choice for a magazine

Discussion in 'Research & Media' started by laureenGlamour, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a French journalist living in the UK and I am actually preparing a feature for the French edition of Glamour magazine, which kind of follows the article published a few months ago in the Dailymail :

    So if your (or someone you know ) story is similar, if you want or had a baby being a single mother, because you felt ready for it and think that you don't want to wait for Mr Right, or you already know you will never find it , and want to tell me more about it, contact me now ! You must be willing to be photographed for the story, there is no fee but it's a French magazine, and what features in their print magazine is never on their website.

    I will be really sensitive to what you will tell me and will rewrite it in a soft and objective way.

    If you want more details or reach me, here is my email : [email protected].
    The deadline is mid-february for a feature published in the May Issue.



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