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Jan 19, 2008
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Me and Oh have just been on a tour of the labour ward at the hospital.
I'm glad I did it now cos I nearly didn't bother (didn't want to be scared to death!!) It was nice to see where everything was and hear about the routines etc.

Plus we ended up parking in the wrong car park and it took us ages to get there so it's a good job we practised!!! :D

Everything looked clean and well organised and the staff seemed lovely.

So..anyone thinking about doing a tour at their hospital I would reccommend puts your mind at rest. :D
ahh great news, i definatly want to go on the tour. i want to know as much as possible!
Yeah I'd like to!!

How did you arrange it? Did you just turn up? x
Yeah I'd like to!!

How did you arrange it? Did you just turn up? x

A friend reccommended it so I asked the midwife about it and she gave me the number of the labour ward to ring and arrange it.

I had to ring and book and they couldn't fit me in for a few weeks so it must be quite popular. :D
we have ours next sunday, good to know it is worthwhile.

our hospital dont do them :x

but we did get to see delivery suite a few weeks back when we had to go in due to reduced movements, i wish we hadnt of seen that now as its made me more scared than ever about going in :cry:

glad your hospital was nice though hun and your mind has been put at rest :D
yeh i agree, me and my mum went last saturday and im sooo glad i did!

i'd of been a nervous wreck if id have got there not knowing what to expect, but the midwife showed us, where to go when we got there, what to expect, which rooms we would go into, showed us the birthing rooms, C-section room, and the post natal ward!!

VERY IMFORMATIVE!!! definatly recomended! :clap:
I would definitely recommend checking out where your going to have your baby, we were due to have a look around but had to cancel at rhe last minute and then i ended up having to be induced due to pre-eclampsia!!

When i saw the delivery suite - i shat myself, started crying uncontrollably - until the midwives explained step by step what everyting was and what would happen to me!!

Makes for a better experience

Even though i'm going for a homebirth i still went and had a look - it was part of our antenatal day anyway.

Whilst i didn't like it i'd rather know what to expect, this way i will be calmer if i do have to go in!
I am phoning tomorrow to book it. I am a tad scared as seeing everything will make the whole thing real... like it isn't real enough! :lol: However I am looking forward to it as well.

I'd recommend it too. I went on one of our hospital a couple of weeks ago and it has made me feel more familiar with the place - I think I will be happier going there now and knowing what to expect.

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