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Dec 28, 2005
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Went on my hospital tour this afternoon.... we was in one of the labour rooms and we could hear some women Screaming..... at first she was like the exercit girl really deep shout then it got louder and high pitched, till it sounded like she was being murdered and feared for her life!!! haha

then it stopped and this little babys cry came! Bless ..... all the other girls on the tour, faces were white but I have heard so much on this website i know what to expect and I thought it was really funny.

Then i thought i bet when the baby was out she thought... " shit i was a LITTLE bit loud then" haha

it has been making me laugh all day, poor women!! xxxxxxxx
How funny. When I was shouting the hospital down, I stupidly thought that no one would be able to hear me because the door was closed!!!
It wasn't until my Mum said she could hear me fronm the waiting room, I thought 'Oh God!!' After I had given birth I could then hear other women moaning, that made me smile, thinking poor love, I know how it feels :lol:

What did you think of the hospital? When I went for my tour I came out really scared!

Nicki.x :D
i was a bit annoyed really, as i only went to see the birthing pool and it was OUT OF |ORDER?? the midwife tried to fob me off with you can have a bath if its not fixed, but I really want to give birth in the water not lay in it before! :(

looks like i might not get my water birth i was hoping for if everything keeps going wrong. xxxx
if u where there wen i was in labour id have completely freaked u out i freaked me out he he

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