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May 19, 2005
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She gave me a whole list of things wrong with me lol

carpol tunnel??
low blood pressure
tested my iron levels coz she thinks they are low
i have high amounts of sugar in my wee
protien in my wee
blood in my wee

she has done tests and sent them away, at least that explains why i have been feeling so crap and moody lately! lol
You poor thing! Thats a lot to take in on one visit!

I had sugar in my wee and it turned out to be nothing.

Let us know how it all goes.

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. Its the first time I've seen my official midwife in weeks and weeks!

Have a rest and put your feet up if I were you.
yeah im not botherd about the sugar thing, my dad got diabeaties late in life so they tested me for it on my last 2, so i was expecting them to test me again, its horrible tho, the drink its like treacle! Yuk!

I got to repeat the wee test and take it to my docs later, if its still the same then they are going to give me tablets to clear up any water infection i might have.

nothing i can do about the low blood pressure or carpol thing tho, and i will have to and see what my iron levels are
low blood pressure and iron levels will be making you feel crap. I hope the other results come back ok :(

If your iron levels are low and they put you on iron you can join my club - the charcoal poo club :D
I dont think my iron levels are low, think its my blood pressure thats makeing me dizzy, but i cant tell the midwife i think shes wrong so i let her take bloods lol

Coby is breech aswell, which explains why my bump has gone very low, and my funal messurment is 30 so im still messureing a week ahead of my dates
What is your blood pressure if you don't mind me asking? Mine is quite low apparently but they havent tested my iron levels...

Hope you are feeling a little better xxxx
just looked at my notes, it says 110/60

the others have been 140/70

i have no idea about blood pressure so these numbers mean nothing to me lol
it doesnt mean much to me either! Yours doesnt seem that low but maybe she is concerned that it is low for you, mine is 90/45 but that might be normal for me!! Lol, VERY CONFUSING!!
well if she tyhinks mine is low and causeing me to be dizzy, you must be almost passing out! yours is alot lower than mine, you dizzy and feeling drianed?
well to be honest i'm not too bad - only seem to be dizzy when iblow my nose!!! maybe i am just a low bp person normally, not sure as i have never really kept an eye on it before!
Hope you are feeling better soon Layla, carpel tunnel is so annoying, I hate the pins and needles I get!!! Have had bad news at my midwife appt yesterday, because of my SPD I may not be able to go to the midwife unit. I really hope I can do, even if my hips fall off!!!!

Hope the blood pressure rises soon (but not too much obviously), take care of yourself xxxx
nor me, it all goes over my head im afriad, i dont understand it at all

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