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Joshua Alan


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May 29, 2007
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Baby Joshua was born on the 19th Dec at 5,55 weighing 9lb.

I had the sweep on Tuesday morning and by 8pm that night I started having a few tightenings. Not painful but uncomfortable.I went to bed at about 12am as the contractions were every 10 mins and I though if this is it then I want to have a little sleep. I had about an hours sleep then at 2am I woke up and the contractions were every 3mins and quite painful.

I rang the hospital to ask if the birthing pool was availiable and it was.

At 3am I couldnt bear the pain any more so I went to the hospital. I was examined and I was 3-4cm. Baby was back to back so I was told to sit on a birthing ball untill he moved. After an hour on the ball I begged to go in the pool as the pains were really bad and seemed to be there constantly. The gas and air just wasnt helping. I needed the extra pain relief.

When I got in the pool I began to cry because I just couldnt take the pain I was in constant pain. Contractions were coming one after the other probably not even a min a apart. They were that strong I couldnt breath through them so the gas and air was usless.

At one point I had one huge contraction that made me fall backwards into the water and I bumped my head on the birthing pool. As the midwife and Mark dragged me back up I felt my waters break and 2 pushes later he was born



Congratulations hun, he is so sweet :cheer:

Also well done you- I had a babk-to-back labour but couldnt take the pain to had an epidural. You done amazing :hug:
waouh!!! 2 pushes??? that's great!! i pushed for ages!!!
well done, he is gorgeous!
2 pushes is fab! I was at it for about half an hour :lol:
He's so cute! :cheer:

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