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Apr 19, 2010
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arrived on Thurs 13th Jan weighing a healthy 7lb 3oz at 7.03 pm. I was induced using propess at 9.30am on the wed, nothing happened till about 3 in the afternoon when I started to get tightenings, they gradually got worse n worse and by early evening I had pethodine just so I could nap in between. 3.20am my waters broke naturally thankfully as didnt like the look of crochet thing they do it with. Went up to labour ward at about and had epidural in afternoon, had to ask 4 times for it. 12pm was 2cm dilated, then at 4pm was 8cm then at 6pm was fully, it took an hour for my little treasure to come into the world and he is gorgeous. Had to stay in till sunday as heart rate wouldnt drop from 139bpm n I had a infection due to waters being broke for so long. Still on antibiotics now but feeling better. dont have a clue how to get pics on here but will change my profile pic xx
7.03pm and 7lb 3oz lol You'll not forget that in a hurry! He's just adorable in your profile pic. Well done you!!

When your posting a thread, scroll down to "additional options" and upload. If you want I can upload them if you email them over?
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Aww grats he is gorgeous, hope you are better soon xxx
Gorgeous!! Well done Hun and many congrats!!! Xx
Congratulations! He's lovely!
well done you and congratz to your little boy he looks well cute! :love:
Aw he's gorgeous! Well done and massive congratulations!!
well done hun congratulations xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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