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May 13, 2005
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Kai Xavier was born at 21.31 on Monday evening. Waters broke at around 4 in the morning. He weighed 9 pounds 2oz and is fine but having quite a few problems with feeding now. Had to have an episitomy and it is very painful after pushing for 5 hours and having had problems with the epidural freezing my legs after being fully dilated.
Congratulations!!! And another big baby!!!!

Piccies please.......
congratulations - sounds like u didnt have the easiest of times with it but least u got him :)

lots of love
p.s do u sound his name ki - like tie? sorry but i am a blonde lol

Love the name!

Sarah_17 yes that is how you say it!!

Hope you are recovering well!

Steph x
Plenty Arnica 6c will sort out that episiotomy!
Well done - looking forward to some pics.
Emilia xx

Well the trend was started off, wonder if it will work for the Feb babies?

Sorry about the awful time you had
Congratulations, hope you feel better soon.

K x :lol:

Glad he arrived safe and sound for you!!! hope you feel better yourself real soon ...

All the best!!!

Thanks everyone!

One thing before the birth that I was adament on was having no epidural but because the waters broke and I was only 1cm-2cm dilated he wasn't ready to come out for a while and so I was partly induced as well which made it even more painful. I was even having pain between the contractions so at around 11.30 in the morning I had an epidural and couldn't feel a thing until 6 in the evening, it was wonderful. I don't think I fully understood the effect of the epidural before but just lying there and seeing the contractions go up was wonderful. But then they had to reduce the epidural as I was unable to push as I had no feeling. The pain really started to intensify, contractions were painful plus the backache especially in my left side. Also the baby's heartbeat shot up to over 200 for quite a while and I had to have oxygen luckily things were ok.

I feel sort of ok now, I had bad piles which seems to have redcued now but the bleeding really isn't much fun as I am feeling crampy now but he is worth it. I haven't decided about posting photos yet, maybe later if we do.

Congradulations our kids have the same birthday, mine was c- section at 23:25pm
Good luck with everything
Katrina :D
Congratulations !!!!!

Love the name !!!

Looking forward to seeing the photos

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks everyone, I have posted some photos of Kai in the photos forum.

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