Isaac had his MMR!


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Mar 28, 2005
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Last week. I was having a break from this forum so went to another mums forum I go on and I chatted to a few people about the MMR vaccine as I'd put it off because of the autism scare. Well anyway I also spoke to a good friend on facebook who lives locally and has 3 young children. She told me she had spoken to a specialist about the MMR and had let her 3 kids have it. She also told me there is a measles outbreak round here at the moment. I decided to go for it and Isaac had it done the same day. Round about now he may get a fever and rash but, touch wood, so far he seem's fine.

Its such a weight off my shoulders now its been done but I have been watching him very closely and have felt quite anxious about it.

Just thought I'd let you all know :)

There is quite a huge discussion about it on the other forum I post on and its got quite heated, people accusing others of being selfish and reckless for shunning the MMR, and other vaccines, its really interesting.

Have any of you still not decided to have it done?

From what I've read up about it online there is no evidence to link it with autism, although I know that there are some mums out there who would say otherwise.
Hi Lou,

My DD had hers 2 weeks ago today so I know what you are going through.

I did my research and was happy for her to have it, but wanted to wait until she was a bit bigger and stronger (I felt 13 months was a bit young). I do have friends who have decided not to have it done or to have the single vaccines privately and I totally respect their decision.

DD has been horrible for the past week, grizzly, whiney, on the edge of a fuss all the time, very unlike her. She's not had any spots or a fever so I don't know if this is a side effect, coupled with the fact she's getting incisors and molars too or just her age and general temper tantrums?!?

I hope Isaac doesn't react badly - don't be too anxious, I always think, well I can't go back in time so whats done is done.

Valentine Xxx
My son is autistic and i knew right from day one that he was not like other children, he is up to date with all hic vac's and i have never thought of doing different. He even had his school booster yesterday (its was a nightmare and im sporting a fat lip) but it is for his own health and i think the benifits far out weight the risk for me.

I would never argue the point with another mother for not doing it though, its a personal choice and we all do our best to do what we think is right. Iv never even thought of blameing Lou autism on the MMR though. Never even entered my head even when im asked. My son was born the way he is and i love every bone of him quirks and all.

Mizz had her 12 month jab as well yesterday and she is really off it today, hope you escape it. Did he cry much? I swear Mizzy remembered her 4 month one she hid into me when we went in the room and looked so scared, that might have been the very "profesional" nurse though. I wanted to cry with them, but i was brave :lol:
Thanks girls :)

Isaac didn't make a fuss atall when he had the injection, he was really brave. He even said to the nurse "thank you for having us" when we left.

I know it was the right thing to do. The doctor advised me a while ago to wait untill Isaac was at least 2 years old then that way any signs of autism would be apparent.
xrachx said:
Glenn had his this morning.

How is he hun?

I gave Isaac a dose of calpol beofre we went, like I did with his other jabs, to nip any fever in the bud. He never got a fever but I don't know if that was because the calpol stopped it or what?

DD Lauren has hers on her birthday!
She's getting it done on February 9th - her 2nd birthday.
Hannah and emily wont be getting it done, till ive researched it more, and if i do decide to have it, i want them to be older... as in nursery age.
I have my own reasons for this, that i may go into later but not at the mo. :D
Its definately still a very controversial subject and alot of parents still aren't getting it done.

At least we have the internet to read up about it and make an informed decision :)
Mhairi had hers about 7 weeks ago. I did a lot of research into it, and my Uncle, who's Son has Autisim did major research into it. He even took a drugs company to court, it was thrown out, and then later revealed that one of the judges in the case was the brother of the CEO of the drugs company!

I've got a great big email on it if anyone wants it they can PM me....I handed it out a while ago to those who wanted it.

As you can see, neither my Uncle or I are against the MMR, just that a select few children shouldn't get it. I am case positive that the MMR is a good thing. I contracted measels as a baby and it went into my chest. I've suffered from chronic asthma ever since and would wish that on no child!

Mhairi had none of the side effects....I hope Issac is the same!

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Thanks :)

My take on it, from the intitial report which claimed to link MMR to autism, is that the report has been totally discredited.

Mind you saying that there is only so much you can read on the internet before it starts talking about aliens and weird things :roll:

I'm 99.9% sure I've made the right decision. You can never be 100% can you :think:
The person who made (up) the link between autism and the MMR jab made a full retraction and stated he couldnt link the two!
All mine have had theirs and Lola will!
Because of things being said, although Iam firm that it is important to have the jabs, it does make you scared! Its not fair! Unless there is complete, 100% proof that a needle can cause problems, then they shouldnt give us this kind of worry!
James is having his on Thursday and I'm not looking forward to it, as from what I've heard, it seems to hit them more than the other jabs. No plans for this weekend just in case he's off form. I work with young people with learning disabilities, including autistic spectrum disorders, some have had the MMR, some haven't....don't know really!
Hiya hun,

This is the one jab which really concerns me as its not just autism it was apparently linked to it was inflmmatory bowel disease aswell. I have crohns so this obviously really worries me. Im going to look into it in great detail and decide what to do. I know NACC (National Association for Colitis and crohns) have an information sheet about it so will take a look at that too. I have a feeling that there was no evidence in the end to link the two.. infact im off to look at it now!

Claire x
Red_Fairy said:
Hannah and emily wont be getting it done, till ive researched it more, and if i do decide to have it, i want them to be older... as in nursery age.
I have my own reasons for this, that i may go into later but not at the mo. :D

This was our thinking, Seren is now at nursery age and we recently had the discussion again. I got a call from the Dr's surgery too a few weeks ago regarding the fact Seren hadn't had it done. Plus Cally is coming to the age where she will be eligible for it so I have the fun task of explaining we are not getting it done. Whether Seren will get it in the near future I don't know.

I too have my own reasons, but the autism link isn't one of them.

Hope Isaac is ok Lou :hug:
I don't really know why is there a link between MMR and autism if studies have already shown that BOYS are more likely to be autisitc than girls!! if it was the MMR the chances would be equal!? do I make sense?!
And if it was due to the vaccine I guess then every single child who gets the MMR would be autistic! as the dose is all equal! I really can't find enough evidence!

I am not saying this to underestimate the topic! when the time comes I am sure I will be doing more and more research it's just I am not getting the link! I need more explanation!
Nathans having his tomorrow. My 2 girls have had theirs done and I wasn't in any doubt that I would take him I just kept putting it off or he was ill. Dreading it though.
My LO had her first mmr vaccine just before her 1st birthday(september) as our hv pulled us up in the street warning us of a measles outbreak so i decided to take her the next day.... lucky i did really... 2 weeks before xmas my LO got really really ill i took her to the doctors and the docs confirmed she had caught measles :? i was really worried about her. The docs said that having the first dose of mmr stopped her from getting the full extent of measles therefore only had a milder dose... she was terribly ill up until around 23rd december wen she started to get better. i didnt dare sleep incase anything happened and i was constantly staring at her. i would of hated to see full extent of measles.

im thankful that she had her mmr when she did otherwise... well who knows xxxx

hope your LO's ok xxxx
beanie said:
I too have my own reasons, but the autism link isn't one of them.

Although I can't go back in time, I'd be interested to hear these when/if you feel ready to share them.

Is it to do with how the vaccine is grown and what is in it?

Valentine Xxx
Lou said:
Thanks girls :)

Isaac didn't make a fuss atall when he had the injection, he was really brave. He even said to the nurse "thank you for having us" when we left.

Thats so sweet! Bless him!

I'm not sure about the MMR, although I had it when I was a baby and I turned out ok! Amber's due her jabs on the 4th of feb, she will be 16 weeks and I've heard its 3 needles instead of 2, is this one the MMR?

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