Infection after c section


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May 13, 2005
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Hi ya, just wondering if any1 else has suffered from an infection after a c section. I had 1 bout 4 days after c section, i know think i have another infection ( 5wks on ). My tummy ( section area ) is very red and swollen. Going to doc this afternoon.
i am still getting infections 4 months on and c section is still not healed properly doc just keeps saying it takes time so don't worry
ahh i feel really sorry for you mine healed straight away i must of been lucky still numb cant feel anything there is someone touches it which is weird lol :lol:
How did you get on at the doc kelly?? it should have cleared up by now so hopefully he gave you some antibiotics to kill the infection?
the doc gave me some antibiotics, but its still very sore. he said if it was still painfull then go bck to gp on monday, so i will go sumtime today. Thanks for asking , how r u ?
Im fine thanx hun, looking forward to xmas now!!
Hope you heal up soon, i was lucky coz mine healed quite quickly but it was bloody sore before it healed! i wouldnt want to suffer with it for as long as you have so i sympathise!
Good luck at doc today if you go, take care hun x x
I got a vaginal infection afterwards and had to take antibiotics for a while, it was horrible.

Dom was born in August, and my scar is still red and sore, I went to the docs last week about it as I was worried and he said it was healing normally and would take time etc.

Grrrrrrr I hate c-sections and the aftermath !

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