i wont the best 4 baby but embarassed


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Oct 9, 2005
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hiya girls
i wont to breast feed my baby as everywhere ive read says its the best bla bla bla but just the thought of getting my boob out and a little monkey sucking on it makes me :oops: :oops: ive been thinking about for ages i was just going to bottle feed but im not sure. i also am a very heavy sleeper and will prob not wake up in the night to feed my baby. i thought about expressing my milk for 6weeks or somethink like that. what do u think i should do
sorry if this sceems silly
As you say 'breast is best' - you may find that you find you feel quite differently about it once you've tried it. Breasts that are feeding babies are quite a different proposition than going topless and you don't have to 'go public' about it - just use a shawl or something to cover your breast and the baby if there are people around at home and express milk for when you're out and about. Also - a lot of the new types of breastfeeding tops are cut quite cunningly so that your breast isn't actually that exposed and the bit that is will have the babies mouth over it! I've seen women breast feeding so discretely you'd hardly know what they were up to (I notice because I'm pregnant and drawn to other pregnant women and babies).
I'm shy about my body and get really embarressed about the thought of feeding in public but as Skidoo says there are some really good discreet ways of doing it. Some places even provide rooms where mothers can feed baby, that's not the toilet (really hate that when people say you should feed your baby in the toilet). And expressing is a good way of being able to fed baby when out and about. I wouldn't worry too much about sleeping through the night as whilst I have not had my baby yet I have looked after babies and when they cry they cry the house down.

Is there not a breastfeeding class you could go to as I think it would help if you could talk to other women about your concerns, and they couldperhaps shopw you how you can do it discreetly. Thats what I'm hoing to do with my class next week. I'll see what I can find out x
I'd try it hun, but if you still feel embarressed, try expressing and bottle feeding it when in public? I think thats what I will do as I'm a bit body concious too.
i bottle feed my daughter as the fort ov breast feeding just dont appeal to me, she is 8months and i have no regrets, she is healthy and never ill my mum had 5children i am the oldest she never breast feed any off us and we av no illnesses so to be honest mate dont worry about it i think it is terrible if a mum thinks she is a better parent because she breast feeds. i will be bottle feeding my next child. with no shame.
the thought of breast feeding in public really worried me, and expecially in front of parents, but i seem to have toaken to it ok, if i am nervous then i will take a bottle of expressed milk with me.

Don't worry about not hearing the baby.. believe me you will.. your body just tunes in to it... and i am a heavy sleeper.. i find myself waking before he wakes now!!
Once you have experienced childbirth I promise you that you will feel a lot less embarrassed about your body etc.......it kinda all goes out the window from that point!!

As a trainee breastfeeding counsellor it is my job to tell you that breast is best and that is true withour a doubt but have a look at this link to see if it helps you make up your mind:


Good luck - whatever you decide!!
im going to do both, i want to give Coby breast milk as its "best" but the idea of a baby sucking on my boob really doesnt apeal to me, so im going to express and give both fomula and breast milk thought the day

I was embarressed to whip them out in public also. so i found that i bottle fed (formula) when we went out, and then it was so easy just to do bottle all the time.

this time i am determined to breast feed all the time. When i had Joshua he was 9 12 and the midwife told me that i should give him formula as well as i wouldnt have enough milk in my breasts to satisfy him. My mw this time has told me that it is a load of rubbish and then more you put the baby on the more you produce.

It is really down to how you feel, one of the main things is that you should feel comfortable whilst breast feeding. good luck hun

hiya everyone
tar for ur help and i think ive made up my mind im going to give breastfeedin a going in the hospital and if it still feels weird then im going to express milk for the next couple of days then ill prob put the baby on the bottle not to sure bout that
I was worried about all that too, but when you do it it feels like the most natural thing in the world.

My advice is to wear big tops or t-shirts and you just pop the baby's head under your top and no-one can tell.
It's different from the times when women would unbutton their tops and get thier boobs out in the middle of a cafe or something, you can be very discreet with practise.

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