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Nov 14, 2016
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hey girlies. I need some help. I took a test yesterday morning and I thought I could see a line but I wasn't sure, then I took another one this morning and it looked negative, but I just decided to take another one tonight and it looks positive, I don't want to get my hopes up because we have been let down and heartbroken many times the last two years. I've had a bit of cramping and my boobs feel a bit sore but no more then than they usually do. I have been feeling wiped out which made me do a test initially. What do you think? The first pic is tonight's one, the second one is this mornings...X IMG_7114.jpeg
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I just took one this morning and got this... I'm starting to believe it! IMG_7129.jpeg
Took this about an hour ago... I'm scared to take a digi in case it lets me down 😣IMG_7141.jpeg
Thanks! I've been taking cheapies all week and they have been so faint so I've been worrying, but this morning I took a FRER, also my morning sickness has kicked in! We've been trying for 2 years so I'm finding it hard to let it sink in! Xx IMG_7212.jpeg
Ah yeah, I just got 3+ this morning to. Cheapies were being weird and going light then dark, I don't trust them anymore. Was panicking so bad.

We tried for 2 years for our first aswell it's amazing when it finally happens :) then they just came one after the other. I'm hoping this is baby number 5 hahaha I've had 8mcs tho so well see what happens :)
Hey guys just to update. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks, I'm absolutely devastated. That's why my lines were so faint I guess. Started having really bad back pain & spotting and i was sent to EPU. They scanned me and couldn't see anything as i was so early, my hcg was 104 then 48 hours later it was 24. Life is so unfair. Xxx
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