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I love 4th November!!


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May 2, 2005
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Oh the 4th of November, how i love the sound of that date!!

I have finally given my date for maternity leave- Nov 4th (as if you hadn't guessed!!)

i will be 30 weeks pregnant when i leave but it will give me loads of time with Amy before baby 2 comes along, plus i have really bad SPD so it will be well earned rest, mind you to be honest i get more rest being at work!! Lol

Anyway, i thought i would tell you all as i am so looking forward to leaving, its only 5 weeks away

:D :D :D :D :D

I know how you feel, my leave date is 11th Nov only 6 weeks away!!! and im counting every week!!! Well unless my scan tmrw tells me i need to leave before that as my little one is measuring at 36cm instead of about 32!!!

Natalie x
I am looking forward to my leaving date as well which is the day before Xmas eve.

However I am also looking forwrad to the day when my three-day week kicks in in about eight weeks time.

My tail bone (coccyx) drives me mad with pain most days, even with my special cushion, and I can't wait to stop sitting down all day.

counting down the days as well!
Mine is the 20th of November, I will be 36 weeks at that time!!! Sometimes I wonder how am I going to manage, fortunately, there are ante-natal appointments quite regularly now so I can use that to have a bit of a lie-in from time to time :wink:
In a way, I cannot wait so I can prepare the nursery and everything and in another way I am thinking if I can push it further, that will give me more time with baby as I am taking 18 weeks of Maternity leave.
How long do you plan to stay on maternity leave everybody?
As long as possible.

My job will stay open for a whole year and I am planning on taking most of that, for a lot of reasons.

One small reason is that I won't feel under pressure to give birth right on the due date, because I will be off for ages afterwards anyway.
Damn mine is ages away i am hoping to work right up until the day so that means March, boo hoo!

yippeee! hope the time flys by for you, bet you are counting the days now!!
My official maternity leave date is 09.01.06 which is 9 days before i am due to give birth.

Will actually be of from 23.12.05 as our office closes for a full 2 weeks for christmas.

I wanted to work as late as possible so that i could have longer of afterwards. Fingers crossed i dont have to finish any earlier for any reason!

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