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May 2, 2005
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Well ladies, i am so excited that i had to tell you all


Sorry but i just cant wait, i am suffering with SPD which is getting sooo painful i am really struggling to get to work, but i hate letting people down so i never have rest days off- stupid really but hey

I was due to finish friday 4th Nov but i have 3 days holiday to take so i am finishing on the 1st instead!! 2 weeks yesterday.

Must admit i will get bored no doubt but with Amy to run round after i can't imagine it!!!

:D :D :D
I have 3 weeks left yeah!!! I too have SPD and it just isn't fun anymore plus I have no motivation. I'm the sae as you, don't like taking days off as people have to cover for me but I can see the end in sight....and if we get too bored we can come on here loads x
Hi Beanie,

You have managed to get further than me, i am only going to be 30 weeks when i finish work, but i am not going back after the baby is born so i don't have to worry about the extra time afterwards so i made the most of it!!

I am so miserable with the SPD, it's my birthday today and i can't go out cos i struggle to stand and walk around, so it wouldn't be worth me going.
My OH is taking me for a meal, but we are restricted as to where we can go as he doesn't want to drive so he can have a drink (fair enough) and there are only a few places we can get to by bus as i can't really do any walking.

Oh well i am going to make a night of it, even if we tay in the restaurant all night!!!
Happy birthday hon, sorry you can't go out boogying but I hope you have a fab night. I have been a very bad girl, got the urge to clean the bedroom and ended up sorting out everything and moving stuff so now am in absolute agony and getting no sympathy as it is all my own fault. I hate feeling so restricted, feel like I am 90 not pregnant. Still am having some horlicks then into my nice and tidy bedroom for a sleep xxxx
Oh beanie, i feel sorry for you, it's hard when you get the nesting urge, you are bound to want to get tidied up and the SPD is so horrible to have.
People don't understand. My OH tries but he just doesn't get how painful it actually is. it's hard to stop daily duties (especially when you have a little to look after aswell) the world can't stop cos you are pregnant, it just helps to have the support.

Do you go to physio?

:D :D :D :D

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