When are you going on maternity leave?

Hi all I'm thinking of leaving for maternity leave at 35 weeks (using 2 weeks annual leave) making Friday November 12th my last day at work. I would have liked to go earlier as work is going to be very quiet at the end of the year as they are making 550 redundancies (all expected to go by Sept / Dec) and most of my team will have left by October.

I currently work 1 day a week from home but am hoping that my manager will let me increase this to 2 days a week from end of September. I have over an hour's commute to work so hopefully she will understand my reasons.

When do you need to confirm your maternity dates to your employer?

25 weeks hun, i have had to tell mine this week because im on leave for nearly 3 weeks from monday, she was quite good in the fact that its not set in stone, basically if for any reason i feel i need to leave b4 my dates given i can do, so thats good,

but my employer are looking at saving 25% in the next 12 months, and our team has 12 members and we have been told that 3 need to go, so im hoping im not on the firing list, but ya never know, i allways wanted to be a stay at home mummy anyway, jus with a full-time workers pay!! lol

I am due on the 24th November, so am thinking of taking mat leave from 1st November where ill be 36/37 weeks. The pregnancy wasnt planned but im so pleased its worked out that i will have all christmas off with my little boy :-D xxx

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