I hate it when......

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    Oct 10, 2005
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    my favorite?

    telling people in work the news only to have them reply

    "oh, was it a shock?" or "aw, was it planned?" - like its this awful terrible thing that has happened to me!!! aaaggghhh

    yeah, some babies are happy accidents (an some not so i guess), but i was telling people my news cos i was excited and happy - i think people just prefer it if theres more drama involved ! :roll:

    plus!! women in work who's kids are grown up (ie, older than i am) and still think they know it all - things have changed in 20 odd years an i'll be going on the current up to date info there is (things like putting baby to sleep on their back etc - it was their front years and years ago before that was linked to cot death)
    ooooh! this is great for a rant! hehehehehehehe


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