I hate it when......

Feeding off from another thread - I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to what annoys us the most.

I'll start then....

I hate it when people say to me "cor blimey you're getting fat" :shock: - IT'S NOT FAT IT'S A BLOODY BABY!!! :evil:

(I am really REALLY disliking that one right now)

Also, as discussed before - when people tell me to enjoy being at home all day 'resting' as it's the last chance I'll get before the baby arrives. I'd rather have a normal pregnancy and still be wandering around ta!!

Feel free to be more lighthearted than me - I just had a couple of things to get off my chest :oops: :lol:
Oooh I love these type of posts. I really really hate "you still pregnant?". Why do people say that, its bloody obvious isn't it!!!

Also when people tell me that a baby is a lot of responsibility, last time I had that was when I was 5 and wanted a hamster. And when people ask if I am going to use a dummy, reusables, breast feed etc and then proceed to tell me I will be using disposables and a dummy in a week and that breastfeeding is difficult. Just let me find my own way. Sami you have started me off on a rant. I'd better end it here x
i hate it when...

...people comment on me either being big or small for my dates. mainly they all say i look like i'm ready to drop tomorrow...

...people criticise the name we have picked for our little boy (only one person so far but she's a right bitch!)

...people assume i am incapable of doing even the most mundane task, and refuse to let me carry anything heavier than my water bottle (mainly at work this!)

...people say i'm being selfish/brave/stupid (delete as appropriate) as i'm planning a home birth

...my ribs hurt in the afternoon - ouch!!

...strangers want to touch my bump and feel baby kick!

...my friends wonder WHY i wouldn't come to alton towers closing night?!?!?!? (what and pay £££s to watch them go on all the rides????)

...OH finally has a night off work on a saturday and decides to ignore me and go out clubbing instead even though we've not seen each other for more than an hour in the whole week!

...OH leaves the toilet seat up and doesn't wipe up the "sprinkles"

...work just assumes that i'm coming back after 6 months OML and not taking AML (which they can't do anything about anyway! ha ha!!! :evil: )

...work expects me to work like a superhuman, meeting all deadlines prefereably even finishing things early, and doing overtime (unpaid) when all i want to do is go home and sleep!!!! (%*^$ off is all i have to say to that- even if i don't say it out aloud!!)

...people on the bus/supermarket/street/anywhere clearly see i'm pregnant but dont give me enough space to manouvre myself and bump around them, but just walks straight into me and then expects ME to apologise!!!

oh dear.... i really am hormonal these days it seems!!! :lol:
oh and i forgot:

...know-it-alls who insist on telling me that i MUST do this, or i MUST buy that!

...people who try to tell me what i can and can't eat/do!
Haha feel free to rant! Thst's what this thread is here for!...I've got a couple more....

Mother In Laws! :twisted: - her persistant 'helpful' advice - the baby apparently wont take a bottle of expressed milk from Mark if I breast feed baby aswell - and won't listen when I tell her that it will depend entierly on the baby if he does or doesn't. Her sons wouldn't do it so 'of course' my baby won't .......
I HAVE to have box for the baby's things in the bathroom - no reason why - I just do......
I HAVE to have a top and tail bowl - tupperware clearly isn;t good enough to put cooled boiled water in :roll: ....

I could go on......
petchy said:
...people assume i am incapable of doing even the most mundane task, and refuse to let me carry anything heavier than my water bottle (mainly at work this!)

...people on the bus/supermarket/street/anywhere clearly see i'm pregnant but dont give me enough space to manouvre myself and bump around them, but just walks straight into me and then expects ME to apologise!!!


So agree with those two, at work people wouldn't let me carry a plastic chair, my cat weighs more and I pick him up ok. And the second one really gets to me, its not like poeple can miss me I am big. And when they get all impatient because I can't walk fast, just go round me!!! And when people hear that I won't be having an epidural as I am going to a midwife centre they shake their head knowingly and say "ooh you'll be wanting one of them".
Totally agree Petchy to your comments, especially .....

...people criticise the name we have picked for our little boy (only one person so far but she's a right bitch!)

What is so wrong with Damien?!! We like it - doesn't mean he'll be the devil child - although hopefully he will and then he'll puke up all over these people when they try and cuddle him hahahaha :twisted:

I quite agree with people trying to touch your bump. it's like keep your hands off.

Also, gosh youre big, sure theres not twins.

and the worst from people who know the sex of my baby
"oh, so sorry, are you okay having another boy"
AGH what is wrong with having a 3rd boy. there are people that would cut their right arms of for 3 healthy boys.

oh sami dont get me started on this subject. youve opened a can of worms. lol
OOOOOOOOOH love these posts

Sami I feel your pain entirely, i repeat this story over and over again on here but it just gets me sooo mad.

I was 31 weeks with the twins and got looks from everyone and bloody shop assistants who couldnt help saying "ohhhhh not long now!" and their faces when i said well its a least 6 more weeks if im lucky because im having twins!!! soon shut them up.

May I throw another one in the mix, people who tut when your child is tired and needs a nap, when my eldest was about 17 months, he screamed the bus down no matter what i tried and the amount of people you could hear tutting, grrrrrrrr :evil:
I hate it when people:

call me fat

think Im incapable of having any other conversation except about babies

tell me how I should be feeling right now

say ooo isnt your bump low now - ITS ALWAYS BEEN BLOODY LOW

tell me how brave I am being for being a single mum - ITS NOT BY CHOICE

assume Ive got a partner and look at me funny when I say I havent got a partner

tell me I would be better off on benefits

when Im feeling rough they say your only pregnant - not ill

Thats about it for now but Im sure there is more!
this is great!

I hate it when.....

I feel really ill and sore and people say you aren't ill you're only pregnant

People in Tescos push past me and bang into my bump and don't even care

people who have already had a baby telling me EXACTLY what it is going to be like, thinking my pregnancy is the same as theirs, and thinking that I don't know anything at all because this is my first time

people telling me horror stories about their birthing experience and saying it will be the same for me!!!

people say that I am putting on an awful lot of weight!!

people saying I shouldn't buy anything for the baby because everyone else will buy me stuff

argghhhh :evil: :evil: :evil:

oooh that feels better :D
leannie said:
think Im incapable of having any other conversation except about babies

Totaly agree - agree with everything else too but this especially!! I am still Sami y'know - that girl you used to get pi**ed with? There is more to me than a bloody big bump dispite how obvious it is.... :roll:

I've opened a can of worms for myself here - I'm more irritable than I realised!!

I hate it when people belittle how you feel. A "friend" asked how I was the day after I came out of hospital and I explained everything about the threatened delivery's and how I could still go into labour again at any point.....she said 'awww it will be fine' just like I'd told her about a nail I'd broken or something just as insignificant :shock: ...then told me how she was cr**ping herself about her driving test and it's the scariest thing she has ever had to do?!!! Am I selfish to think that she could have used better words to describe her being nervous? I think I was cr**ing myself a bit more.........
Maybe I was just being sensitive?

And related to the above a bit - people who ask how you are but they don't want to hear that you feel crap - don't ask if you don't care!!
people just don't have a clue do they?!

as if a driving test is anywhere near as stressful as what you have been going through!!

- I hate it when people only say negative things about having children

- laugh at me when i say i will have more time (as i currently work full time and have other committments but even if the baby screams all the time i will be at home and can do errands through the day and do things like put washing in without having to stay up for it to finish!)

- I hate it when fat people call me fat

- I hate it when people act like my life is over. eg i said i'm going to get some nice boots after i've had the baby as an incentive to tone up etc. but i cant wear them now because they are high and people were like 'you wont be able to wear them when you are pushin a buggy either'

- I hate it when people ask if my decorating is done yet even though its my dh and dad who are going to do it and they are dragging their heels a bit.

I think everyone's said all of mine for me. Particulary

Large Bump
Stupid for home birth

I'd like to add, getting stuck in the bath. That's not really anyone else's fault except for the designer of the first ever bath who was obviously a non-pregnant man.

Looking longingly at walk in baths and at the electic wheel chairs you can use in Asda but would feel terribly ashamed if someone who really needed it came along.

This post has really made me laugh out loud!

Yeah Sami, what is it with these people that insist we buy a top and tail bowl? I have a whole selection of bowls in the kitchen from china, to plastic to stainless steel and I will be using one of them! :roll:

Another thing I hate is when people like my brother (and various other people) try to give me horror stories about being a parent. As if I am not daunted enough. I have only just got used to the idea that my life is going to change and my house is going to be wrecked. I am not stupid. I don't have rose tinted glasses on. Do these people really think that I think that motherhood is an easy ride? They really don't know me at all then do they! I would have done it years ago if I thought it was going to be easy :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

It also annoyed me when I had the migraine from hell and a few people said. "If you can't cope with a headache how are you going to cope with labour?" A fair point, but was it helpful or sympathetic? NO! :evil:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lets get things off our chest girls! It helps! :D
Oh yeah and another thing that really bugs me at the mo is when people talk to me, they talk at my bump! Ummm I do believe my head is on top of my shoulders and not in my belly! :twisted:
I do try and tell them that it can't talk back yet but they don't seem to believe me!
Just the two from the ttc side of things.....

How long have you been married now?
5 months.
Oooh, so any sign of a baby yet??? C'mon, stop dragging your heels about it and get pregnant.
AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!! *Bursts into tears and runs to the loo*

And the flip side of it.....

You're how old?? And how old is your daughter?? Blimey, you've just got your life back and now you want to start all over again? Rather you than me!

What do they mean by 'just got your life back'??? Did my life stop when my daughter was born 12 years ago??? No, it began. I can't wait to 'start all over again' with more children. Dirty nappies, sleepless nights, bring it on!!!
Hi all

Tankett, I was just reading the post thinking the same thing. More from the TTC fence:

1. You're doing the right thing not having children, they ruin your life. At least you can have nice X (insert car, holiday, house, etc.).

2. Don't you want children?

3. You'll be next!

4. Not saying "You'll be next".

5. Oooh, I'm just sooo fertile. He only has to look at me and I'm pregnant.


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