How likely is it that I am pregnant based on these symptoms?

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Wryx, Jan 4, 2017.

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    To start off, I have already bought two tests which I plan on doing very soon however, since I have exams coming up in a few days I feel that dealing with a positive result would affect my performance so instead I stress about it and ramble on forums (I know, stupid).

    For the past 4 months, my periods have been all over the place - late, early, two periods in the same month etc. It's the first time it happened to me and I assumed it was due to moving countries and starting university. In mid-November I took a morning after pill just as precaution, although the guy didn't ejaculate and I got my period after this, nothing was wrong. Then I had unprotected sex around 2 A.M. on the 2nd of December, 5 days before my presumed ovulation day (perhaps not since my periods went crazy) and 11 hours after I took another morning after pill. I am aware this has completely screwed up my hormones but now I wonder whether I am pregnant based on everything I have experienced since that day:

    1. One week after taking the pill, I got a sort of period; lighter than my regular periods, but lasted for 4 days and was intense enough to pass as menstruation rather than spotting.
    2. Two weeks later, around the 20th of December, I was normally expecting my period (which still hasn't come); instead, for a few days after using tampons thinking I'd start bleeding sooner or later I got this thick, milky-creamy white odorless discharge that I have had before but never in such massive amounts. (No irritation, pain during urination, weird smell, nothing but the discharge)
    3. Following this a few days later I got mild spotting which all together convinced me I would get my period but nope, not yet.
    4. Even now when I check my cervical mucus there is quite a lot of the white, thick discharge that I described before, but much less.
    5. I do not have nausea and eat just as healthily as I used to and get hungry often but I don't have weird cravings or aversions; instead I crave a lot of chocolate but I always do, particularly before period.
    6. Since last night I have been experiencing a strange dull pain in my right right lower abdomen; it doesn't hurt when I walk, but if I sit or lay down and flex my abdomen it feels like I am crushing something hence why I think it's ovarian pain. Could this be muscle soreness after having sex with my boyfriend for the first time in two weeks as we were both away?
    7. Been experiencing bloating and constipation, but that is very normal for me; however, I have been having very light and irregular PMS-like cramps for about 15 days now (my period has been late for this long following my old cycle)
    8. I don't experience any other symptoms of pregnancy - fatigue, headaches, sore breasts, frequent urination.

    I honestly don't feel pregnant, but that high amount of white discharged freaked me out for at that time I know I should have either got my period or ovulated (that is, if my bleeding a week after taking the pill was indeed menstruation and my cycle got reset). Is it possible that the lower abdominal pain, the spotting, the cramps and the white discharge are really just signs of a hormonal imbalance caused by the pill?
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    Sounds to me like it's to do with the pill

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