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Lola's Mummy

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Oct 5, 2007
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How much do you do around the house?

I do everything, all the cleaning, cooking, washing & ironing, OH's sandwichs

All OH does is was the dirty dishes after dinner :roll:

He used to be quite good and do his fair share but now he doesn't even put his dirty clothes in the wash basket :shakehead:

Am i a mug? :think:
Ive answered 50/50 as we share the load, OH goes out to work all day so I used to do alot of the housework & he does the cooking etc.

Since being preg tho he probably does 90% of housework at the moment bless him :)
I pay for a cleaner which DH has agreed to keep on when I am a stay at home Mum. She's great as she irons too. Other than that, hubby and I take turns or work together to make sure everything is always neat and tidy.
I do most things around the house and all the cooking and 99% of looking after Jake.
I do everything apart from cooking (thats a man's job)...or clean the boy's toilet.. one boy in our house so if its dirty he's to blame. Also if the dirty laundry doesn't make it to the basket ...it doesn't get done... I won't go hunting down his dirty clothes for him.. besides the dirty laundry thing has been explained to me...that there are many levels of "dirty" that only he is privileged enough to know... so the rule is if you want it washed, it goes in the basket...

Other than that there are somethings I need help with atm.... cleaning the litter tray, lifting the laundry basket with wet laundry in, filling up the bottom of the dishwasher, tying DD's shoe laces... basically things my belly intrudes in.

Although he does paint and decorate and fix things...so that's a much better thing for him to do... cos he's crap at chores... :rotfl:
I do everything, including looking after the money/bills. My OH does:

Putting out rubbish
Cooks his own dinner (we eat different things)
Irons his own work shirts
Makes his lunch

He will do jobs if I ask him to do them, but not off his own back. And yes he just dumps everything on the floor for me to pick up :roll:
I do moan from time to time, but I don't mind doing the general housework as I love staying at home with my son and I am more than grateful that he earns a good wage and can afford to support us both.
But yes, sometimes it annoys me when I pick up after him.....I'm not his PA! :lol:
I'm single so i do everything... i like it that way tho as i know it done properly :)
Misslarue said:
Irons his own work shirts
Thats not a chore.... his shirt if he wants it ironed he knows where the iron is.... :rotfl: :rotfl: DH does his own ironing.
Squiglet said:
Misslarue said:
Irons his own work shirts
Thats not a chore.... his shirt if he wants it ironed he knows where the iron is.... :rotfl: :rotfl: DH does his own ironing.

Thats why he does them!! :lol:

Its part of the chores as in its got to be done. I bet I get roped into doing them once I have to iron Dan's school stuff :talkhand:
I think we're about 50:50? (although I'd claim 60:40 and he'd claim 40:60 it's a common argument).

I mostly cook, but he does it when I'm tired. He always washes up unless he's going to French class or whatever. He vacuums. I do the washing. He makes a fire every night. I clean the bathrooms and toilets. I do most of the actual tidying up.

I'm so lucky - I only realise it when I post things like this.
My hubby does everything right now- I have to argue or quickly do something when he's not looking. He is fab but sometimes I feel that sitting around watching him do everything is wrong, but after baby comes it'll go back to 50/50 share so I should enjoy it while it lasts!
I do most of it as DH is at work most of the time and it would be unfair of me to expect him to do the housework when he gets in when i havebeen at home all day! But when he is off he helps and he does a very good job! He will do anything if i ask him!

When i was pregnant DH did most of the housework!

He does clean the windows as he does a much better job than me i make them all smearey :rotfl:
I do everything cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids all day, sorting out the bills, DIY, cleaning up after the dog, washing, shopping and loads more stuff while OH watches tv, goes to the pub, goes footie or goes to work. (he says he needs time to himself)
men aye :roll:
i do the cooking and the vaccing/tidying DH does the bathrooms (we have 3 toilets :shock: :roll: ) and the ironing and washing and we share everything else.
Never really thought about it to be honest!

I make the bed, cook, tidy up and fix things (im a better handyman than him lol) and he washes up, takes out the rubbish/recycling, and does his own ironing. We both do the laundry and sweeping up etc as and when we do it. So probably about 50/50 :think:
ive voted oh helps a bit
he works 12 hour nights through the week so he gets the kids up when he gets in and does breakfast thats all he does during the week but he does help out on the weekends with the kids but doesnt do any housework he will take the recycling out and the rubbish but thats about it :( will be interesting to find out what happens when i go back to work in january xxxxxxxx
i do all of it. he works

oh but i make him do the cat litter hehe
Mike cooks dinner most nights and has Jam for 4 hours a night 4 days a week, washing, cleaning, foodshopping, paperwork etc is left to me
Me and OH both work full time yet I do everything Cooking, Cleaning, Washing, Ironing, Food Shopping. Occasionally he washes the dishes but on the other hand he does all the Decorating in the house and DIY and Gardening.

:twisted: I'll show him this thread later.

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