Just booked my hospital tour...


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Jul 3, 2011
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Yippee, just phoned up to book my hospital tour, expecting it to be near DueDate as I left it quite long to phone, Sunday 22nd, which I again expected to be a while off then looked at the calender only to realise its this Sunday!!
That will make it all a little bit more real! x
Yippee.....How exciting !
How did you find out about the tour my midwife hasn't mentioned anything to me yet.
Well I'm not going to my local hospital and the hospital I'm going to you have to phone and book onto a tour, I think most you have to phone and book onto as I know you do with the local hospital too. Maybe you should ask your MW or phone your hospital and ask them. My hospital said they do them 4-6weeks before your due. x
Hospital tours have been stopped in our maternity. But to be honest, hopefully I wont be there too long anyway. They say I could be out as soon as 3 hours after the birth. I'm really happy bout that as I want to settle into home life as quick as poss. :) xx
Oh that will be good :) our hospital dont do tours anymore either :(
I'm glad our hospital do as we wouldn't have a clue!
Although I have now had a view of the delivery suite but wouldn't know where to find much in there as its not our local hospital, and don't tend to visit hospital that much anyhow. :)
Hoping I don't have to stay in either, but I'm prepared for the worse! x
Our hospital do them on weekends :) x

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