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high blood pressure


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Jul 5, 2007
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hi girls

ever since i found out i was pregnant my bp has been up but not so much that they wanted to do anything about. This morning I have had an antenatal check with my gp and my blood pressure is the highest its been at 150/75! I have to get it checked again next week and if its still up the doctor wants me to start on treatment, I am petrified and just want to know that everything will be ok. Is anyone else in this situation or know anything about it, I am 24 weeks pregnant and just want it to go smoothly. I would be so grateful for any advice or comments, thank you x.
Its more common than you think in pregnancy! Medication will just stabilise it and you will be advised to do VERY LITTLE which is ridiculous for some of us who work/look after toddlers etc. My sisters and I all suffered from high BP in our pregnancies however mine has not gone up once since I started doing this in second tri..


It may just be a coincidence but I have not had any BP problems... (only gagging ones as they make me a bit sick) :D
Do you get nervous when you go for your appointments? It may be worth buying one of the BP monitors that Lloyds Chemist sell and monitoring it at home for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Mine's always higher at the Drs and it is down to "white coat syndrome".
High honey, this sounds very much like white coat syndrome to me too. If you're anxious about it, it's bound to go up a bit. Your diastolic pressure (the bottom number is perfect) and thats the one to worry about. If that was at 90+ I'd be worried but systolic pressure is nothing really to worry about.

Even with a systolic pressure of 150 you would only be classed as having mild hypertension which can be treated with mild drugs (they won't let you have anything which is likely to harm your baby) Try and relax as worrying is only going to make it worse. :hug: :hug:

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