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Help needed with my Nintendo DS

Gemma & Jake

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Mar 5, 2006
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I have got the internet with a router so how do I set my DS up so that I can play other people. I have only got one game at the moment which is more brain training but I can't seem to beable to connect.
trixi's boyf said:
it has to be a wireless router and only certain games can play on internet (like pokemon & metroid) check the manual of the game to see if its an online game, mulitplayer games are not necessarily online games
hope that helps!?
ive never tried doing it to be honest. i dont even know if my game is internet compatible lol.
I think it's because the game is multiplay but not wireless play. Thanks for your reply. I will have to buy some other games. Any suggestions? I have ordered 42 all time classics and I was thinking about getting pokemon diamond/pearl(anyone know the difference?), the legend of zelda and animal crossing.
We've got Tetris for ours - it's fab, and you can play other people on it (although I haven't yet). My DH has just got the Zelda game but hasn't played it yet. We mainly do the brain training games on it.
Merry Christmas! :)
I love all the Sims games but then it depends what your into. I also have several different Mario games which i also like.

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