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Dec 13, 2006
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I just wanted to see how you are. havent been on much and i know you are counting the last few days until your princess arrives. how are you feeling? do you think she's going to be early or late? did you have a good xmas/new year??

mwah :hug:
Hey chick, not spoke 2 u in agggggges!!
Yeah im fine thanks, defo counting down the days... remember when I got my BFP eh, seems like yesterday!

Had a great xmas & new year, nice and quiet but seen all my friends & family so been good... what bout u, ya bin partying?!

Im hoping lil madam arrives soon but we shall see, I havent a clue when she'll arrive to be honest but im counting on her being late then if she comes early its a nice suprise :D

Hows things with u & danny? Hope your ok :hug: xxx
awwww glad everything is good hunny!!!!

yeah i am fine thanks, me and Danny are smashing too - couldnt be happier!! we have had a wonderful xmas and new year, spent every day together - missing him loads today being back at work lol!!!

went to Skeg-Vegas for new year, which was good - something different!!!

i know it seems like yesterday since you sent me a PM to say you had got your BFP - i cant believe how quikly time flys!!!!!!

aww hope princess comes soon for you hunny - im sooo excited for you!!! and look at that bump girl!!!!!

mwah :hug:
Keep a look out and im hoping there will be an announcement very soon :pray: :lol: Take care chick & thanks for my own lickle post :D xxx

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