Had a total meltdown last night

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by DeeLT, Jan 13, 2012.

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    OMG, I had a total meltdown last night….. convinced myself that OH didn’t love me or want to give me a cuddle; then watched this stupid programme about women who drink while pregnant and made myself feel guilty because I drank before I found out I was having LO and have had half a glass of champagne at Xmas!

    Final showdown occurred when I got huffy because I needed to do the washing up and OH told me I was “being silly” – this then was like red rag to a bull, I went totally ballistic, kicked the bin in the kitchen and stormed out of the house, only to realise that I had my door keys and nothing else (not even a coat and I was in flip flops!). So went and sat in the car for a bit until I calmed down, then drove around randomly for ages until I felt better.

    Now feel like a bit of a brat for behaving like that – you’d think at 30 that I would have got over temper tantrums.:blush:

    This pregnancy thing is a bit weird sometimes…. feel quite guilty and teary about it all today.

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