grrrrr..steriliser gone for a burton!

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by xrachx, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. xrachx

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    Apr 27, 2007
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    i can believe it, it just stopped working, i did his bottles earlier this morning and the display went blank and i thought it was just the fuse gone, so tonight i changed the fuse and nothing, flaming thing i have only had it 3 months, well 4 but surely it should last longer than that what a load of kack!
    oh it was a tommee tippee one aswell, oh and i dont have the box or the receipt.....TYPICAL!
  2. kalia

    kalia Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2007
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    Perhaps if you get in touch with Tommee Tippee they will replace it for you anyway. If you paid by card, I think your bank statement or credit card bill might also act as a proof of purchase.
    I have the booklet from my new monitor just here so I can tell you that Tommee Tippee's customer careline is 0500 97 98 99. Hope this helps1

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