Groundhog Day


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Apr 24, 2005
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Does anyone feel like one day is the same as the day before!?

Ella wakes up, fed, change, fed, nap, tidy, hoover, try to get something to eat and drink before she wakes up again, feed her, change her, feed her, nap. When OH gets home we try to fit in tea round Ella, feed her, bath her, dress her, feed her some more and more and more til it's time for bed. Then the whole day starts again......until the weekends when less seems to get done than during the week!

Plus with the grotty weather I can't get out at the moment as it's too cold and it takes so long to get Ella and myself ready :?

Just feel like screaming (albeit quietly as Ella is napping ;) )
God YES! I keep saying this to other people but I don't think they get it. SO glad it isn't just me! It's especially like that as he's on a routine so basically so am I! On the rare occasion that I go to the shops without him (I live just off a street with all the shops I need) I feel dizzy with a change of scenery!

Aargh! The weather really doesn't help, you're so right.

yeah! it ges so boreing after a while.

its half term here so having the kids home has made a nice change, i nevre thought id say that, school is a god send for me lol

I love the cold/wet weather tho, so i go for a walk in the afternoons, just to kill some time before jase gets home
i know the feeling - my hubby says well theres plenty you could be doing round the house!! -thanks :(

or i get told by friend with no kids well just get your self out of the house go for a walk, or in to town... easier said than done have to get ewan dressed up like michelin man! is cold and wet. and as for going in to town i've only ventured in with my mum as i'm a bit nervous about getting in and out of shops with his buggy - at least there is some one to help me through doors and lifts etc...
usually takes me an hour to get out of the house!
Hypnorm said:
and as for going in to town i've only ventured in with my mum as i'm a bit nervous about getting in and out of shops with his buggy - at least there is some one to help me through doors and lifts etc...
usually takes me an hour to get out of the house!

This sounds like me, I have never gone anywhere without my mum, it's a good job she is here to help or I don't know how I would cope. I must say though, now Rubie is nearly 2 months old, getting out is a lot easier as she is more settled and doesn't mind going in her car seat. I just whip her into her snow suit and we're off, what a god send are they??!! :lol:
And you guys are already trying again for another when you still feel like this?

Sorry (not my place to say really) but you are very brave!!!!!
Sarah - i hope you dont mind me doing this but i have noticed your posts latly and you sound a bit down, are you ok hunnie?

i feel extremely overwhelmed and tearful at the moment.

i am exhausted and trying to feed baby at the same time.

when this happens late at night i just want someone to come and take my baby away forever.

well you did ask
Oh Sarah :cry: :( {{{hugs}}}

Have you spoken to your HV? It sounds like Samuel is being very demanding of you. Are you still feeding him yourself? Can any family members take him for a morning/afternoon so you can catch up on some sleep. It's amazing how much better you can feel after a few hours straight sleep.

I felt a lot better today as I managed to get out for a walk, if only up to the butchers. I was having a real low day yesterday, but after speaking to DH last night I am feeling a lot better. I think it was having Ella up the whole time I am up, it's overwhelming. I just needed an hour with Ella going to bed before us for a bit of catch up time with DH and a relax. Luckily I got it!

Roll on the Summer, warmer weather, nice long walks to the park, paddling in the paddling pool out back and Ella being weaned ;)
For me going out really helps each day, I only don't go out if the weather is really bad here or don't feel too well which was the case on Wednesday and that really did drag.

I live in Canada and it is a lot colder but I still mange to get out as Kai is wrapped up really warm, I bascially don't go out if it is like -20 or lots of snow because I simply can't push the pushchair. Most of the time I go out on my own and have even braved some of my worst fears like going on my own on the bus and subway with the pushchair. But I always try to time it that it isn't busy because otherwise I don't think I could cope.

I don't like changing nappies when I am out and sometimes skip one if it is only one feed when I am out.

I said my concerns to the nurse that visits and she said this is the way to go as I am on my own all day.

Things will be a lot better in the summer, can't wait for it!
i'm actually being quite brave

i've been out with samuel a few times in the car to strange places to meet new people. we went to a coffee morning yesterday to meet some new people and the other mums said i was very brave to be out so soon on my own in the car with him, so i am obviously doing better than i sometimes give myself credit for.

mind you, i am completely exhausted after each trip but at least the adventures keep me sane.
Hi Sarah

((hugs)) I know how you feel hun, I get really tearful and am finding it hard going being a mum :( DH goes back to work next week and in some ways I'm looking forward to getting into my own routine (and having weekends feel different to every day) but in other ways I'm dreading just being alone to care for Olivia by myself (not because I don't love her it's just because I don't think I manage very well on my own)

I wish I was finding breastfeeding easier, I need to get some help with it as my nipples are still so, so sore which isn't helping. I get upset when I giver her a dummy or the bottle because I can see her wee tongue doing that quiver thing to get the milk :cry: Even though I do think formula is good stuff and some days think I'll just move over to that 100%

You're doing really well to get out and about with Samuel, I'm trying to meet new mums in my area as well as I find it really reassuring to meet with people in similar situations only round here there seems to be a shortage of new mummies.

How did the expressing go Sarah?


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