Grayson's birth story!


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Sep 18, 2015
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So I thought I'd write down our baby boys birth story while it's fairly fresh in my mind :D

As our pregnancy was IVF we were consultant led and been told from the beginning I would be induced around my due date if baby hadn't arrived before then. I had issues with my placenta covering my cervix throughout the pregnancy and had numerous scans. The consultant decided it was far enough away I could give birth naturally but wanted to do an induction at 39 weeks instead. I hadn't had the most straight forward pregnancy and had vomited throughout, by 38 weeks I weighed the same as I did at my 8 week booking appointment, my placenta was playing up and then had issues with baby's heart rate!

Once I got to 38 weeks the consultant gave me a sweep to try encourage labour before needing the induction. I had a further sweep at 38+3 and by the next morning I was having contractions!! They only lasted for that day then suddenly stopped. My induction was booked for the Wednesday at 39+1, however when I got the second sweep baby's heart rate was erratic and the consultant decided to move the induction to the Monday instead.

Monday 8pm we arrived at the hospital. The midwife explained to myself and hubby (and another couple who were there for induction too) that we would be given the pessary, hubby's would go home and we would be given another pessary the following morning. She said to expect our little ones to take a couple of days to arrive :shock: (I was all for packing my bags and going home :lol:). I had the pessary put in around 10pm and immediately started having contractions 4 minutes apart. I never mentioned to the midwife as she said the pessary was only to stimulate the cervix and not put me into labour, so I thought I was imagining them! I was also attached to the monitor as baby's heart rate was dipping again. When the midwife came in she noticed the contractions on the monitor. I got up and walked around after that and the contractions came thick and fast. I thought my hubby was to go home but the midwife recommended he stay and try get some sleep on the ward. While he was sleeping I continued to pace the ward, I couldn't believe how quickly things progressed!

By 1am the contractions were every minute and I was in a lot of pain. I was so deflated when the midwife examined me and I was only 3cm, however she said baby was 2inches further down my cervix and to not be disheartened. By 2am I was barely getting a break from the contractions so I was given gas and air. I was getting less than 20 seconds between each contraction and I couldn't believe the pain. The midwife was trying to keep me distracted but it was awful. I remember thinking I'd wet myself but when the midwife checked me I'd had a pretty large bleed, quickly followed by another. Within 10 minutes there were Doctors in with me and I was rushed down to labour ward. I got upset at this point as I felt everything was going wrong. After I had a third bleed I was told I would need an emergency section as they thought it was my placenta, which was my worst nightmare...

While they were discussing my section I felt two huge pops. The midwife checked me and my waters had gone, however I was still only 4cm - this was at 4.40am!! The midwife asked if I could be given a chance to continue on my own and the Doctor agreed to give me an hour (lucky me!!). 30 minutes later the midwife asked me if I wanted to push, I remember saying in the moaniest voice 'No, I'm only 4cm!!' :lol: to which she replied 'no you're now 10'. I couldn't believe it. Two pushes later my baby's head was out and after some panting, my little super baby (one hand up by his head) shot out across the bed. 14 minutes of pushing. I only needed 45 minutes in the end!

After having 3 midwives, 2 Doctors and an anaesthetist in the room it ended just hubby myself and midwife. We didn't know the sex and R got to tell me we'd had another beautiful boy. He cut the cord and I immediately got skin to skin, he latched on straight away then we were left alone with our boy for almost 2 hours. It was amazing! I had a small tear which got a couple of stitches but I felt great, exhausted but great. 3 hours after he was born I was showered and dressed and 6 hours after that I was home on my own sofa with a cup of tea!

Baby Grayson, 7lb 9oz born on the 19th of December, 8 days early. Our perfect boy!

Also, turns out the bleeding wasn't coming from the placenta. When the placenta was delivered it was completely in tact. The Doctor came and spoke to us and said the placenta had two distinct membranes and had started off as a twin pregnancy. I said I hadn't bled at the beginning but she said Grayson most likely absorbed the other twin but the placenta stayed in two. We were quite shocked but I'm not dwelling on what could have been.

My discharge letter documents from established labour to birth of the placenta as 1 hour 54 minutes :shock:
What a scary time. I dont know how you wasnt shouting at them to just get him out when the third bleed happened. Glad you got home so quickly tho.
I remember you getting really dark bfps early, and someone said twins, explains why now. But at least baby is here safe and sound :) x
Congrats on your son, sounds like he certainly made you work for your part! Hope baby is doing well xx
Congratulations same day as my little girl who is now just over one!! Xx

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