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got the bump


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Dec 6, 2007
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I will be 9 weeks tomorrow and this morning i looked down and there it was.

I wouldn't have minded if i had waited a bit longer.

So i tried pulling my underwear up to my armpits to see if that would hold it in, no luck (sigh).

I guess it explains the little twinges i have had the last few days, it was the little bugger trying to puch its way out!

yeah and its my first so i didn't think i would show so early either, i had given the baby strict instructions that it wasn't to do this, but as i am only it's mother it decided to ignore me.

I am now telling everyone it is cos i have been eating to much.

haha.. I think i've got wider but i dont have a bump, well not one that wasn't already there...lol
Aww bless. I dont think I will show for a long while yet, I'm a size 14 and I hate my belly, I'm not overweight though with the bmi thing. I'm dreading getting a bump to be honest, because I keep thinking my belly will just look even fatter instead of looking like a baby bump :(
size 14 isn't big, i think it does look like you've just put on a bit of weight to begin with for everyone... soon likes like a baby bump tho..x..
your lucky!!! i cant wait to get my bump :D keep checking but its still hiding from me! i can peel a hard area about 2" above my pubic bone that was not there before i got pg, so i guess it is there!!!

I don't think I have a bump at the moment, well not a constant one lol but first thing in the morning before I wee and have a full bladder or after i've eaten a large meal I have a notaceable bump but it disapeers. I think i've got wider if that makes sense but nothing to get excited about and this is the 3rd pregnancy.

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