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Got my Cheri22 prediction at last............


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Jul 19, 2007
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Here it is....

When it comes to pregnancy they show JANUARY.. so this is either birth month, concieve month ro the month youf ind out in. And I see you having a boy.

Your son is someone who I woudl say does not miss a thing. Someone who tends to be very skeptical of things, seeing is believing. Really wanting to make sure that something is "for real" before actually believing in it. I think that you might find that your son has an amazing memory, remembers conversations, time frames and dates. Someone who seems to always know when someone is out of place or really does not "belong" You will be amazed on how accuate he is when it comes to solvingv things. Whether its watching a movie and he knows who done it even before anyone else, or when in the shopping mall sees someone out of place, tells you that they dont belong, only to have it announced over the loud speaker that someone just tried to aduct a kid, and I am sure if you walk over to where they are holding I bet you a thousand dollars its the same person your son just pointed out!

He's someone who likes to help people. Its almost like he helps them, but keeps an eye open on what they are doing or why they need the help. Not like he does not trust anyone, but I think that for your son, it really does have to be about earning his trust, rather than him just saying that he trusts you and letting someone do whatever they want.

When it comes to career paths, I see your son working as a private investigator. After 10 years doing that, he gets working with a "secret service' type agency tracking people.

When it comes to marriage I see him closer to 28, they will have two boys of their own.

Despite the fact she's saying I won't get my BFP for my b'day this weekend or that I'm not having a girl, Which I really want!! I'm quite suprised at the reading. A lot of the traits and things she's said about my son are very very similar to me :shock: :shock: I'm so good at rememebring exact conversations and dates etc.... I'm horrible to argue with because I can rememeber EVERYTHING! I'm also really good at guessing the plots to films before they are given away! As well as that she picked up on the trust thing and described me to a T.............wierd!
that was the weird thing with mine - and I have a little longer to wait too :hug: I sent the reading to a friend who just replied....she's just described you :shock:
Glad you got your reading at last.
Mine was the same.....she described me!!!!!!

You finally got it then Chrissy....Im still waiting :(

Ho hum - at least she didnt say what you thought she might and it was good news!

How strange that she seems to be describing people really well!
Mine was the same, she described me :D Hopefully it is a good sign :)
I'm still waiting for mine :D it's encouraging to see she's getting some things right! :dance:
Me too..... I was genuinely starting to think that she wasn't going to reply because she didn't see any babies for me!!! :(
Glad you got your reading Chrissie :D

The description of ´my girl´was also a lot like me. Especially what she said about her school life...

Let´s keep track to see if she is right about any of us.
I have to say Cheri takes my breath away - she said I would get my bfp in October and I did but thought I had miscarried - I emailed her and asked her if she could see anything else and she said she could see me pregnant in December - now I have posted elsewhere but for those who dont know on Tuesday I had a scan that showed a 12 week fetus in my right tube - there is no heartbeat but I did see my pregnancy in December!! Not really what I was hoping for but I have emailed her again and I am waiting to see if she replies...... :shock:

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