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    i am feeling very depressed today my boyfriend has knowen that i am pregnant since i was 8 weeks and even then he wasnt very supportive but i just put it down to no one but us knowing and thought it would change when we told our familys, we told our familys when i was 21 wks as i was just starting to put weight on. but ever since then he has made no effort to see or make contact with me, but for some silly reason after all this i still love him and cant even bring myself to think about bringing up OUR baby by myself, he says when he does talk to me that he wants the baby but he isnt showing it, i dont even mind if we brake up i just want him to be there to support me and bubba, and it is making me very depressed does anyone have any ideas?
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    Awww babe I do feel for you :( I'm guessing you don't live with your boyfriend then? How often do you see him? Are your parents being supportive? Sorry so many questions to fire at you.

    Sending you lots of love and thinking of you xxx
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    his mum kicked him out when he was fifteen (coz her b/f made her choose nothing to do with his behaviour) and he lived with us for three weeks and since then we have been extremely serious we saw each other every day (untill he found out about bubba) we were even engaged and was going to tell everyone on my 18th birthday doesnt look very hopefull now, yes my family are being great very supportive towards me and have tried to with my boyfriend but he keeps throwing it back in there faces, he dosent seem to see how this is hurting and stressing me out which is doing nothing for his baby
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    I would smack him in the face! But that aside (hormonal man hating moment) coz it wouldn't help probably, when did you last talk to him? If he is refusing to make contact are your parents supportive enough to help you? I know it's hard but if he doesn't co-operate can you do this on your own?
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    last time i spoke to him was last wednesday and that was when he accused me of stealing money (which i didnt). my parents are starting to get to the point where they want me to do it alone - i could do it i just really wanted him there for me
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    I'm sorry he is making this so hard babe. Maybe you should just leave him to contact you as hard as it is? He may want to be involved when babies born or near birth? Give him his due then and maybe another chance. If he doesn't want to be involved I'm afraid you can't make him - but I do know how much you would like him there.

    Give him a few last chances but try not to stress yourself out abe - you and your baby growing inside you are the most important things right now. The father will decide when he is ready.

    I'm sorry i can't help you more xxx
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    thanks for your advice it has helped just tlkin to some1 i think it is goin to come down to seeing what he is like when bubba is here
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    I'm always here for a chat hun when things get low. Always feel free to PM me when you need someone for a whinge.

    *hugs* xxxxxx

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