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    i am feeling very depressed today my boyfriend has knowen that i am pregnant since i was 8 weeks and even then he wasnt very supportive but i just put it down to no one but us knowing and thought it would change when we told our familys, we told our familys when i was 21 wks as i was just starting to put weight on. but ever since then he has made no effort to see or make contact with me, but for some silly reason after all this i still love him and cant even bring myself to think about bringing up OUR baby by myself, he says when he does talk to me that he wants the baby but he isnt showing it, i dont even mind if we brake up i just want him to be there to support me and bubba, and it is making me very depressed does anyone have any ideas?
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    May 26, 2005
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    Sorry but I was never in that kind of situation because I never got pregnant 'til I was married.....
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    Nikki2003 i have been reading through posts and all i seem to come across is your negative judgemental posts.

    what do you actually aim to achive? are you doing it becuase you are so miserable yourself you feel others dont deserve to be happy?

    you may be married and pregnant , but that doesnt mean everyone has to follow your path in life. everyone looks at things in different ways and the world does not revolve around you and tell everyone to live the way you do.

    so when you are sitting at your computer thinking about who to have a pop at next , just think to yourself " EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT & THINGS HAPPEN IN DIFFERENT WAYS"

    i hope you see the point i am trying to put across but somehow i doubt it
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    Jun 14, 2005
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    Just because you are married, that still does not mean things can go wrong in a relationship. And the situation that ITFC is describing could happen married or not.

    When bambino is born hopefully he would have come to his senses and all will seem more real to him then.

    Keep the faith and keep talking to people about this as it helps.

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    Jul 19, 2005
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    hey hun try not to worry, have you thought that after he has told his parents they have dissaproved of the idea? and he is just respecting there decision. i know what your going through ive had problems with my boyfriend and that related back to his mother! and then we had a big argument and hate each toher but i was convinced she wouldnt be getting in the way of us. and weve been together 4 years n she just has to accept that lol!
    try telling your b/f that you dont think he pays much attention etc, your not mad to still love him.
    and despite what any other person with a negative post has to say about the idea of younger people getting pregnant withought a ring on there finger just remember your the better person. you have more to cope with which makes you stronger and there fore you can laugh at the weak.
    good luck huni x
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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Hey, i know its hard wen the guy doesnt show much emotion about it at all, mine is doin exactly the same, mabe he needs time, when you have had the baby it may seem more real to him at the mo. And if he doesnt want to know, then it is his loss, i know its hard and u want the babys father to b in his life, i know i would. It must be upsetting.

    Why dont u talk to him, ask him how he feels. (well its worth a try, lol, even tho knowing him, well he is a man, hed say i dunno, lol, mine did. But after leavin it a while and jus not whingin at him thathe wouldnt talk he finally came to me to talk)

    Hey my OH shocked me the other day he has totally ignored the subject and never talks about it, and barly talks to me now, but wen i told him i had a scan he actually went and booked a day of wrk and told me he was coming. I couldnt believe it, jus hope he shows more enthuisiasm as time goes on.

    bec xx

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