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Faint but visable line?....


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Feb 3, 2007
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I did a test this morning but it was a tesco one i did it first thing as they say thats the best time and it showed a faint line! Should i get excited or not? I have brought another test to do tommorow morning a clearblue one. But do you think i can get my hopes up??

A faint line is still a line :hug: :hug: :hug:

As long as it couldn't have been an evaporation line, and you are in the 2WW, then you are looking good!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Good luck!

Did you take a photo? You can post them to get others opinions on how strong it is.

How many DPO are you?

Sorry i don't understand the abreviations used on here?! :? :oops:

I dnt kno where my cable is tonight but if i find it in the morning i'll upload it!!

:) I got my fingers crossed though! :)

Betty-Boop said:
Sorry i don't understand the abreviations used on here?! :? :oops:


2WW .... two week wait
AF ....... 'Aunt Flo' (menstrual period)
BBS ..... breasts
BBT ..... basal body temperature
BCP ..... birth control pill
BD ....... 'baby-dance' (sexual intercourse)
BFN ..... 'big fat negative' (pregnancy test)
BFP ..... 'big fat positive' (pregnancy test)
BIL ...... brother-in-law
CD ...... cycle day
CM ...... cervical mucus
CP ....... cervical position
DD ...... dear daughter
DH ...... dear husband
DPO .... days past ovulation
DS ...... dear son
EDD .... estimated due date
EWCM .. egg-white cervical mucus
FIL ...... father-in-law
FMU ..... first morning urine
HPT ..... home pregnancy test
IB ....... implantation bleeding
LMP ..... last menstrual period
MC ...... miscarriage
MIL ..... mother-in-law
MS ...... morning sickness
O ........ ovulation
OH ...... other half (partner)
OPK .... ovulation prediction kit
PG ...... pregnant
PMT ..... pre-menstrual tension
SIL ...... sister-in-law
TMI ..... too much information
TTC ..... trying to conceive
UTI ..... urinary tract infection
Hope that line's got darker Betty-Boop :hug:
I'm pregnant! I'm really Pregnant!

You should see the smile on my face! :D

Only thing is now, working out how far gone i am?! - How do they do that becasue my preiods were all over the place! xXx
How long ago was your LMP? If you had a faint line yesterday and a stronger one today chances are you're not that far gone - if the doctors really aren't sure they'll send you for an early dating scan

Congratulations :cheer:

Well the prob is i cnt remember i think it was around the 15thish?!! but i'm really not sure!

oh they won't bother about days at this point - just count from the 15th now and they'll make any odd days adjustments at your scans
Well i worked out the website (which was very helpful, Thanks!!

Will be aroung July 21st ish


What lovely news.

hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: congratulations hun i'm really pleased you got your BFP :hug: :hug: :hug:
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be thrilled. :cheer: :dance: :clap:

I am sending you lots of sticky baby dust :D :D :D

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