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Jul 3, 2006
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Ok, there could be a few explinations for Ellies rash. It covers both her cheeks in a big red blob (like teething rash) but also small red spots cover her face, scalp and behind her ears. Not on her body though.
Shes was on sma white but i changed her back to gold yesterday to see if it improved the rash and her poos(constipated too) the poos are better but the rash is still there. Its almost gone until i feed her. when she has her milk it really flares up. Shes been quite sick too. this morning was her 3rd bottle of sma gold and she threw it up and it was mucusy too. shes been ok in the day just a few watery mouthfuls of sick. her last feedat 10:30 was thrown up too all mucusy. With sma white it was chunky milk. She also doubles up in pain all the time too, she has no wind tho. she has the two 'dents' on her bottom gums too.
Do you think shes allergic to milk? teething? colic? any suggestions welcome!
Thats what i was thinking...coz it gets worse when she feeds.. but my mum thinks thats just coz we hold her when shes being fed and its hot...so its a heat rash :roll: But ive fed her with her face not touching me and its still come up!
Hmmmm....sounds like the milk triggers it doesn't it....maybe Mels right she might be lactise intolerant....I think you should speak to HV about it hun, they may recommend to try the formula for babies with milk allegies, at least to see how you get on with it, at least then you'll know if its the milk.
Does she seem reluctant to feed/ settle? Or is she just being a bit sick after if you know what I mean?
she wont settle at all today unless in the car :( shes on and off all the time, jumping in her sleep :( shes feeding ok sometimes. sometimes she'll just take 2oz and pass out(nothing will wake her!!) or she'll take it all and cry for more, or she'll take half and throw it all up. it varies.
but everytime that rash comes up when she feeds! im annoyed its saturday 2mo i thought it was thurs today or i would have gone docs..kicking myself now!!! i dont wanna keep giving it to her if its making her ill!
If you can phone your hv maybe she can come out to see you over the weekend? I dobut its heat rash tbh, just do wat you feels right hun xx
sounds like lactose intolerant, the hv can get you some special milk. What a nightmare for you Jo, must be horrible seeing her in pain :(
We went to pharmasist today and she thinks its colic thats causing pain and the sucking motion causing her rash ( :? ) im gonna see docs on monday still to be sure.
She gave us colief(sp) colic drops which was £9.99 for a teeny bottle! :shock:
hope it works! :pray:

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