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Apr 24, 2005
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Ella has a rash on her cheeks, chin and neck. The worst part is her neck round the sides. They are red with a white head. Her eyebrows are also looking a bit crusty and one side of her face looks more swollen than the other (could be unrelated though).

She seems happy enough, doesn't have a fever, is eating and alert. But it looks horrible poor maid.

Anyone elses baby had/got a rash? What can I do to help it clear up? I've stopped using baby products on her. We're seeing the HV tomorrow at the clinic so I haven't taken her docs etc.
Rubie has this!! Little red dots behind her ears and on her cheeks, some of them have a white head. I asked my HV last weeks and she said it is normal and most babies get it around this age.

I am asuming what Ella has is the same but I would ask anyway just in case. Hope it clears up soon.
alana had this for a while, and it turned into excema now, just make sure u keep them moisturised with strong cream like E45, baby lotion isnt really good enough, expecially with cold weather, their skin can chap
ethan had them aswell although they wernt crusty mw told me it was his skin asjusting to the air outside of womb but i would get it checked as could be possible things like the milk she is on?dont mean that to worry u but just get ur hv to have a look no harm in asking :lol:
My HV said that they hit a spotty stage at around 2 months then when their skin clears up you should be ok to use all the lotions etc but to be honest I've already put lotion on Matthew as he's gone all flakey but have been told olive oil is good for their skin and they shouldnt react to it.
Ava went through a period where her skin was like that. It cleared up on it's own.
It's milia (milk spots) and should clear by itself unless it gets really really really bad in which case she might need a steriod cream, but it's v v unlikely. :)
It sounds like just little blocked pores to me...Naomi has a lot of them on her nose and I've noticed them on her cheeks too but they aren't itchy or sore, and not really pronounced.

Rosieroo, I checked again with the HV today too and that's what she told me - glad we are getting the same info lol
Ella also has milk spots on her cheeks and chest, perfectly normal, I had them when I was a baby! x

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