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Lola's Mummy

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Oct 5, 2007
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I can't seem to express anymore :(

I used to express every day so OH could give Lola a feed but she started to get fussy at the breast and want a bottle all the time so i stopped expressing about 4 weeks ago.

Me and OH want to go to meadowhall next Friday but don't want to take Lola with us because we don't really want to take her on the motorway.

My Mum has said she will look after Lola for me but i been trying to express since Monday and i can't even get 1oz that's expressing from both sides :( . I know there is still milk there because i can feel it if and it squirts if i squeeze my boob :oops: I used to be able to express at least 4oz so i don't know why i can't do it anymore :think:
Hi hun,

Could you just hand express into a sterilised (in Milton or whatever) bowl if it comes out when you squirt? I have same problem - my supply has totally settled down - there's definitely enough there to feed DD, but if I try to express, where I could get 5oz from one boob in the past, using the breast pump I am now lucky if I can get 0.5oz.

Good luck hun and happy shopping!

Valentine Xxx
Are you trying first thing in the morning when your boobies are at their fullest? After Lola's first feed try expressing what is left on the boob she has taken from and then try the other side.

I had it the other morning I tried expressing and couldn't get more than 2oz off which put paid to my shopping trip! I'm going out tonight and today have managed to get 8oz off, completely random and I've no idea why the difference, but I get my night out :cheer:

Keep trying!
Ryan usually sleeps 7pm til about 11pm/2am (somewhere around then) and then again wakes about 6am.

I personally find the best time to express is about 9pm, between him sleeping and waking up, or 1am before bed if he woke at 11pm. But it'll be different for everyone. I can still get a few oz but it's only enough for half a feed so I always have ready made cartons in the cupboard in case I can't express enough for the length of time I need to be out for.
I agree with Fluffy bunny the best time I found to express extra milk off was after the first morning feed. I could at best get 1/2oz off if I tried after Ellie went to bed.

Also another trick to try, is to express as the same time as feeding your LO. I tried this once (when I had a meeting and couldn't get to express her 13:30 feed), so I did when I was with her, feeding her one side and using the breast pump the other side. However she was about 6+months at that point and kept playing with it.
Well i tried expressing into a bowl and all i did was make a mess everywhere :oops:

I think i might try a different breast pump atm i'm using a TT manual one. Can anyone recomend a good breast pump?
I started with the Tommee Tippee one, but I switched to the Avent Isis one, TBH I don't think I got any more off, BUT it did take a lot less pumping to get the same amount of.

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