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Ellis refusing food 4th day


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Dec 28, 2005
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Hi all

I am really worried as Ellis is refusing food for the 4th day!.... he will only eat certain foods, yougort, chips, frutapura, etc... he will not eat ANY dinner.

He is opening his mouth like he is hungry but when it touches his lips he pulls a face and pushes it away.

He has 6 teeth coming and he has a cough. But 4 days is a bit worrying isnt it????

Keely xxxx
If he's still drinking then just keep offering foods for him to pick at himself. The teething will be really hurting so I'd just offer lots of little healthy snacks for him to eat himself. No baby has ever starved themselves, but I'd also get him checked out on Monday if he's no better :hug:
thanks. xx

one problem is though he seems to fuses anything "healthy" and will only eat the crap!! crisps etc.... other then yougorts but i am give him two for dinner ..... oh he does eat his porriage in the morning with a bit of perseverance!! (SP) xxxxx
I've had that problem so many times when Ella's been poorly! The true test of whether they're REALLY REALLY ill is when they refuse the goodies :rotfl:
Hope he feels better soon :hug:

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