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Aug 17, 2007
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Can i eat them now?
Im so craving a fried egg for dinner but have avoided them up till now. Is it only when there runny you have to be careful.
yup - eggs that are cooked all the way through are ok.

having said that, i've eaten runny eggs (not frequently) and have even had been licking my fingers after making cake mixture... can't resist it! :lol:

its all to do with the risk of food poisoning - but i get my eggs from a local organic farm so think the risk is minimal anyway.
Just make sure the yolk isn't runny. I've been eating them I love eggs but i don't like runny yolks anyway.
mmmmmmmmmm cake mix

Just sent oh out in the rain for some eggs now hopefully the shop still has some because i really want one. :rotfl:
I've been eating them boiled but runny all of the way through as long as they're from a Lion Brand company (so more likely to be salmonella free than my sister's free range got them from my mate variety!). I haven;t eated any that are totally raw though (i.e. cake mix!)

Enjoy- you give up som much else...
I'm having pizza tonight as I can't be bothered to cook, we are waiting for dominos :rotfl:
Aww Dominoes not fair :shakehead: They don't deliver to here!!

Chicken Tikka Masala, Onion Bhaji, and Naan Bread for me :D
ooo I'm having poached eggs on crumpets with bacon for my tea!
Here is my really useful and well-thought-out contribution to your thread, Bloom:

EGGS MING :puke:
Well, it turns out there is something we DON'T have in common which is good, right?
It was only yesterday i really wanted an egg im not bothered now! But in general i do like them so yes i think we have found something which we dont have in common. :dance: :dance:
mmmmm egg and chips :D :dance: one of the few things i havent had to give up on,yumy yummy.and yo cant beat a lovely eggg butty for breakfast on those lazy days where you cant even be boithered to dress n just wanna snuggle (chance would be a fine thing!)

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