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Eeeek,, nurseries.. help?


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Nov 9, 2007
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Hi :wave:

Well I am due back to work in April :cry:

I have just thought, I haven't even enquired about putting Jack into a private nursery yet :? I have no idea if I'e left it too late..

so for those who have LO's in private nurseries... how long before starting back at work did you go and see a nursery?

Well I'll be going back to work in April too.. but we are lucky ... theres a new nursery opening up round from Tia's school in February... and the babies need to be four months before they can go... so we will be on their doorstep come feb to be the first to put little misses name down.

Dunno.... you have to put their names down pretty early... I'd start enquiring in the new year as they will all be shut now.
I'm going back in April and Ryan will be going into a nursery in the middle of town and I know I'm still not too late. They gave me a form a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I have picked my working days, I'm to hand it back in and pay a deposit, and then it's sorted :)

I'd look into it as soon as you can, narrow down a few that you are interested in, and then visit them in the new year. For me there was not much choice in nurseries but the one right by me is great anyway, luckily. Also give busy bees a call (if you have busy bees vouchers at your work) and they'll tell you which nurseries near you accept the vouchers.
ahh brill, thanks girls. feel bit better now. Will be straight onto it in the New year, oh well if I cant get a nusery i can't go to work.. what a bloody shame :roll: :lol:

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