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Nov 6, 2007
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Is anybody else doing dopey things? I got up this morning, put my phone on top of the toilet while i had a wee, flushed the toilet and MY PHONE FELL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not had it long either, and no insurance, never been asked to take it.....
sum days i feel like im loosin the plot

its ok we can blame it on hormones :lol:
I had a particularly stupid day today- I tried to teach an 11 year old kid that 10 x 5 was 30 and then couldn;t add 3 very simple numbers and... it went on and on! I ended up just laughing at my own syupidity and let the kids join in! I then lost my handbag even though I was holding it! I'm an idiot!!!! :rotfl:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
So we can blame it on the hormones, Think i am just going to buy a cheap one, get it unlocked and use my sim in the new phone.

That's a shame about your phone :(
Not surprised you haven't got insurance though, I was paying it for years and never claimed once so have given up on it now.

I've been pretty dense recently, cleaned the bathroom sink with windowlene, keep putting dishwasher tablets in the washing machine :doh: And at work I keep misplacing my locker key when I never lost it once before I was pg
It is getting worse I think, so many times I have almost put handwash on my toothbrush and just realised in time to not do it lol. I have also searched my room trying to find a belt that I was wearing... I am cracking up lol Need to start staying in doors hee hee :D

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