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Dog Strollers


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May 13, 2005
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I have seen them around for a while and just think it is a little ott. And one thing that will annoy me is on buses if they take up the room as I can see them becoming more common as the price is quite reasonable.
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I can hear my mother now...

God gave you two legs for a reason.. !!!

Omg what's a dog's excuse... and whats the point of taking the dog for a "walk" if you put it in the stroller... :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
and whats the point of taking the dog for a "walk" if you put it in the stroller...

Exactly.. dogs don't like to just look at things as they pass by them.. they want to walk, run, sniff, lick and pee lol

I think the dogs fleece jumper is too far never mind a stroller :roll:

the guy who sells them :
And there are places where dogs aren't allowed, so a carrier or stroller comes in handy," Fitzpatrick says. "If the flaps are down people won't even realize there's a dog in there."

erm, helloo dogs aren't allowed some places for a reason
Yeah.. what if the dog see's a cat, it will just dart out.. and if its strapped in then thats cruel! My dog would be sick in that stroller, he hates the car enough as it is. :wall:
how thoroughly ridiculous. Dogs are meant to walk and if they can't then they should be put down by a vet.
Who on earth would be seen dead pushing a dog around in a pushchair - - for christ sake :roll:
awwww my nan has a home made version as her stupid little toy dog thing, chihua?? as hes got a dodgy hip and cant walk far so she pushes him into town every day to buy her grocerys, and takes him to to church in it :rotfl:

every one knows her and her little dog and always stop and talk to her.

i think they can be good in the right situation for old doggies, but nothing else

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