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Does a lack of morning sickness mean its a boy??


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May 27, 2007
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People keep telling me that it sounds like i'm having a boy because i've not been sick yet, im only 7/8 weeks.. How true is this?

Do peopl carrying girls have more ms??
When I was pg with James I was sick daily from 8-17ish weeks.
I've suffered even worse with it this time (it started much sooner) but don't know what I'm having yet.

Some people don't start throwing up until 8 weeks onwards so it mught just be a bit early for you yet!
Oh joy so i might get it after all... How did you feel up till then?
With James I had no symptoms at all until at least 8 weeks at which point I thought I had a stomach bug cos I kept being sick several times a day!

This time I was feeling very sick all day from 5 weeks onwards, and started actually pucking at about 6 weeks. Maybe it was just because I knew I was pregnant early on this time so was more aware of it
I had no morning sickness at all, throughout my pregnancy and I had a girl. A friend of mine had ms and had a girl and another had ms and had a boy. I think it's irrelevant - maybe another old wife's tale! :lol:
hmmm, well i feel sick every now and then but nothing too major, maybe i have it all to come tho....
Sick as a dog from 6-12 weeks, and boy here!
No morning sickness at all and a girl

My sister - terrible morning sickness with both of her girls!
I could deal with my morning sickness by chewing on haribo sweets :) but I was never sick. I obviously had a boy but my morning sickness wasn't that bad at all really.
I didn't have any morning sickness just a little nausea; I had a girl. :D
I was only sick about twice and by 10 weeks had no nausea at all - and I had a girl :)
i didnt have any morning sickness at all and was convinced it was a boy, but its a girl.
i think it depends on your body, and not what sex you are carrying, although ive heard more sickness means girl :think:
with paris mine was awful, I felt sick for ages and started really early on. But with the boy felt sick a few times but been fine other than that.
Iv been sooo sick with this one and im having a girl i was the same with kate but with Lou i was fine never felt sick once. That said my friend has just had a boy and she was in hospital for her sickness.

I think i depends on how you handle hormones.
I spent the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy :puke: :puke: to the extent I ended up in hospital on a drip. Its known as hyperemises (sp) which is just really bad morning sickness or in my case all day and night sickness. Anyway I had a boy but then again only a male could cause so much hassle!!
Hardly any morning sickness with DD... only if I smoked a ciggy or if someone smoked around me...

This time round... evil, nasty morning sickness for weeks and weeks and I still get it now.. and it's another girl.. :)

So no... I don't think it's related.. you're just luck :)
I had horrible sickness starting at about 6 weeks, it didn't last too long but was all day every day. And I had a boy.
No morning sickness and had a girl, my sister had morning sickness with all 3 of her boys and my mum had morning sickness with 2 out of 3 of her girls :wink:

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