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Do you think we're still in with a chance?


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Jan 23, 2007
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Only BD'd once around OV (day before I was due to) this time :x

Because 1. Rob mate came over Tuesday & he didn't come to bed till late 2. He said he was too tired on Wednesday 3. Last night as soon as I leaned over for a cuddle he said he had a sore neck (he'd not metioned nothing about it till we got to bed)

Do you think he's trying to tell me something :think:
It only takes once as the syaing goes x its quality not quantity!!!!!

So lets hope he gave you a good 'sample' :rotfl:

On a serious note though your in with a chance still.
maybe he feels too under pressure. i am sure this is very common. my oh does get very similar but take away the pressure and he gets more interested if you know what i mean.

even if you pretend your not bothered and just want to relax on the ttc front they can still sense it so its very diificult.

what do you think?

once is enough - thank god :wink:

he's probably telling you he's too old and not up to it - at least that's what you can ask him- should have him desperate to prove he's not :wink:
I concieved my daughter after BD'ing just once the day before I was due to ovulate - It was the only day we had before he went back to Catterick....I think you have a good chance -especially as my OH's sperms were proberbly all drunk and struggling to find their way!
Awww thanks ladies :hug: :hug: I feel better now.

And libs.....next time I'll just think of you and remind myself not to be so silly LOL.
Skairdy you do have a good chance. Me and my oh werent even supposed to be TTC last month but there was about 2 days during my fertile week (I dont know exactly when I ovulate as AF is abit irregular) where we got abit carried away and was not expecting a BFP at all because the chances looked slim compared to all the other months where we BD'd every day. I think alot of people get their BFP's when they least expect it. And like some of the other girls have said, your oh is probably feeling abit under pressure, dont worry about it though. My oh had his good months and bad months and I'm sure it's the same for most. Good luck :pray:

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