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Feb 6, 2018
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I thought i'd pop on and do my little girls birth announcement, i'm only 7 weeks late but hey ho!

Darcie arrived 2 days early on the 28th via induction and weighed a healthy 8lb 2oz. I ended up in hospital on the 27th May due to a second occurrence of reduced movements and erratic blood pressure. BP kept rising over the weeks previous to going into hospital. While i was there i was given BP medication and monitored over night. Fully expecting to be discharged the next morning, only the consultant had other ideas. She recommended an induction as i was only 2 days away from due date and suggested that my body had had enough now so she examined me, i was 3cm so she broke my waters there and then! I'd not even had chance to ring the hubby. So waters where broken, i rang the hubby he arrived shortly afterwards.

I was allowed to walk round the hospital grounds for 2 hours, i had a limit as i was meant to be continuously monitored but said as i wasn't contracting there was no danger. So me and the hubby spent 2 hours walking round the hospital and climbing stairs, if i wasn't sweating enough, those stairs nearly killed me but i was determined to not end up with the drip or a section. 2 hours later i was checked for progress and was still only 3cm, not only that but the midwife said she could feel a sack of waters around the babies head! When the consultant broke my waters Darcie had shifted as she wasn't engaged and plugged the whole, creating a new sack of waters over her head. so we had to go through the whole 2 hour process again! Not that it helped, at the next check up i was still only 3cm and she was still not in the slightest bit engaged! So much for avoiding the drip :/

So they started the oxcytocin drip. I was hooked up to the monitor and perched on a ball at the side of the bed and that is where i spent the remainder of my labour. As Darcie wasn't engaged she kept shifting and avoiding the monitors so they tried to get a clip on her head to monitor her. Only she wasn't in the mood to play ball, every time they tried to get the clip on she moved backwards. I must have been laid on that bed for a solid 20 mins while they tried to get that clip in place. I had managed for hours on the drip without any form of pain relief yet them rummaging in my foofoo attempting to put a clip on my babies had brought me to tears, the pain was awful! One of the midwifes even managed to clip the damn clip to her own finger! They eventually went to get the senior midwife, 2 mins and her first try and she got it on, though one of the midwives did have to push down at the top of my belly :(

Anyway, clip on and i got back on my ball. Still bouncing away, but all that poking and prodding left me sore so i needed gas and air at this point. While they were putting the clip on they had a feel of cervix (and felt like they tickled my tonsils at one point!) and i was only 5cm, i cried haha i'd been at it for hours! They ramped up the drip for the 5th time and left me to it, those contracts where intense. I managed 2 hours on gas and air then decided i needed something stronger, i was done, i needed rest and decided an epidural was the only way. The midwives said they needed to examine me first, so up i lumbered onto the bed, both knackered but thankful an epidural was coming my way! Only my dreams where dashed, no epidural was coming my way, i was 10cm and ready to go!

So started the real work, i began pushing felt like i was being ripped in half and then refused to push anymore! Had a stern talking to from both the midwives and hubby who made it abundantly clear that there was only one way out, it was at this point i thought 'shit what have i done'. So i began pushing, hubby began his 'breathe, just breathe' routine. If i could have strangled him the the gas and air tube and still used it at the same time i would have. Several pushes later and out came Darcie! She was put straight on my chest and she instantly stole my heart.

Recovery was pretty straight forward, i didn't tear only a couple of grazes....still felt like i was peeing fire though! I was discharged 3 days later as Darcie had mucus on her chest and was a bit iffy with her feeding. She's made up for that now though and is a little chunk! I'll upload a photo later :D
Oh what a story!! Welcome, sweet Darcie! God I can so relate to that ending part of “oh my god what have I done” and just feeling like NOPE i CAN NOT go on! Can’t wait to see pictures. Congratulations again!

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