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Daddy wants to know if baby will remember me???!!!


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Nov 28, 2006
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Hi there, I'm Daniel, Gemma's Fiance, I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of babies remembering/missing people etc, I have to go back to Hong Kong for 2 weeks and I'm completely devestated as I'm going to miss our 5 month old baby girl Jaydine so much! (I know I'm a wimp!) but what is really concerning me is if she will forget me etc??? does anyone know if she will remember me?

Thanks so much for any help or advice,

Kind regards

Daniel x :|
Although it is hard, she wont prob miss you until she is a year or so old, she is too young still at 5mths.

My husband works away 28 days on 28 days home in Venezula/Trinidad on the oil rigs, it's only know that Arianna is starting to miss him loads.

Each morning when she gets up and each night before she goes to bed we walk over to our wedding picture and she kisses Daddy Good morning/ or good night and if you say "where's daddy" she points at his picture.
Dont despair, she may surprise you! My little one has only seen her granny from england twice, but she recognises her voice on the phone (her voice is very distinct and different to that of any other member of the family) and she turns at the sound and sometimes she grins!
Even so, i suspect that you will have a worse time of it than her... :cry: poor you, but at least LO wont suffer :)


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