Could I be pregnant?

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by ChloeMARIE, Feb 2, 2016.

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    Feb 2, 2016
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    Hello, my name is Chloe.

    I am not trying for a baby, but am worried I may be pregnant.
    I am on the oral combined contraceptive pill, I have the took the pill for over a year, I always take the pill on the right time every day, except for this month.
    Down to stress I forgot to take the pill and missed many pills this month and I am now worried I could be pregnant.
    I had intercourse on the 20th and 24th, from the 22nd to the 28th I had light brown spotting which could have been because I missed pills, and had a break threw bleed due to the lack of hormones.
    I then had cramping on the 27 and 28th, which I'm worried could have been implantation pain?
    I have now had white creamy/watery discharge which started on the 29th, it is now the 2nd of February which is very abnormal for me.
    I took a pregnancy test today on the 2nd of January (today) , 7 days before my expected period is due on the pill.
    The test came out negative but I'm worried I could still be pregnant.
    My other symptoms include, fatigue, constipation, runny nose, bloating, backaches and vaginal itchiness.
    Thank you so much,
  2. Crazycatwoman

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    Sep 10, 2015
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    You need to wait until AF is due and re test.
    Sounds like a withdrawal bleed, missing pills will cause disruptions to your cycle x
    Good luck!

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