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Jul 27, 2005
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hi i want to get BB christened but i dont know if his dad has been christened would this matter???
also the god-father that i would like has not been christened does this mean he could deffo not be god father??
Hey Sarah,

My friend got her two boys christened and im 99% certain her OH wasnot christened and i know she wasnt, her brother who im also 99% sure wasnt christened was god father. i could be wrong, so wait for other peoples replies, but i dont think it will stop you from having Braydon christened.
we also want to get all of ours christened, but neither of us r done, am hoping it will b ok.
I think it depends on the church / vicar.
It will depend on the vicar

At our church (pretty old fashioned CofE - most of the congregation is aged 80+), both parents must be christened, one parent must be confirmed, all god parents must be christened and at least one must be confirmed. At the church down the road though (modern evangelist type CofE), they don't mind whether anybody is christened / confirmed.

Tracy xx
ahhh sorry going to sound stupid now but wot is confirmed>? dont think braydons dad if he aint been christened will get himself christened so does this mean that he wont be able to be there? or wot?
i have just had hannah christened and god parents had to have been christened too but i don't know if it was just our church
Confirmation is what you do at 12/13, when you're old enough to make the decision for yourself whether to be a Christian or not. It's similar to a christening, except that instead of god parents / parents making the affirmations for you, you make them for yourself. You have to be christened to be confirmed, but they can be at the same time. This is for CofE, not sure about catholic (think it's called first communion for catholics) and all the other denominations.

Because our church is full of old biddies who like things done the old way, they're dead fussy about people being confirmed. We had a right to-do when me and Stuart got married there because he wasn't confirmed - I think most churches these days are fairly relaxed about it all.

Tracy xx
If your church is funny about the christined/confirmed thing there are always naming ceremonies?

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