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chewing without teeth


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Oct 13, 2006
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my daughter is almost 7 months old and iv been giving her finger foods for a week or 2 already. my HV says its crucial u give them at 7 months and small lumps in their food coz they get the chewing reflex at 7 months but lose it after a few weeks- and if u miss the window its extremely difficult to get them to chew!

well, she sucks the finger food and bites pieces off, and i see her chewing- but she has no teeth yet! will she be learning to chew properly idk how one can chew without teeth! :think:
Dylan still doesn't have teeth but think when she bites down how strong those gums are

he eats bread, bits of meat veg scrambled egg, fish lots of things it doesn't have to be hard food just lumps

I also add rusks to fruit pots gives him a bit more to go at

oh also cheess slices he loves to munch on
I was amazed at what my nieces could do tp food with no teeth - babies can chew very effectively without teeth. I actually think the fact that C has two was a bit of a hinderance as she can bite off quite big bits of food but had to then learn to chew it into small pieces while its in her mouth- if she hadn't had them she would have gummed into much smaller pieces first.
Eefie eats anything and he's only got 2 teef :lol: He's gone right off baby food and is constantly wanting finger foods. If I spoon feed him he spits it out into his hands to feed himself :roll:

Just avoid anything that can break off or is difficult to chew (raw carrot, apple etc)

He absolutely loves rice cakes but when he first started finger foods he used to cram too much into his mouth and choke so just offer a tiny piece until they've eaten it. He goes mad for clemantines but I break each segment into 2 or 3 pieces as a whole piece could easily slide down his throat.

Saying that the little sod managed to find one of his dads foam earplugs and unbeknown to us ate it. I found it in his nappy :puke: Honey..... are you missing something?? :shakehead:

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