Can CBFM be wrong?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by M1chelle, May 21, 2016.

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    I am now on CD 26, my cycles have been between 26-30 days for the last 7 months and so I should be expecting AF any time now. Using the CBFM I have had highs since CD 19 and have just used the last of my 20 sticks only to find a low! I've not had any good CM since CD 17 and I swear I saw two lines on the sticks ages ago but now there's only one. Unfortunately I didn't know until too late that you could track the sticks in the same way as OPK. I had a look at estrogen charts and have wondered whether the monitor has missed the run up to ov and picked up the slight rise in estrogen towards the end of your cycle?

    Everything seems to point to have ovd around a normal mid cycle somewhere, except for my fibrocystic breasts which are normally painful from ov (I assume as I've never pinpointed ov before) through to AF but they've only got a little bit tender in the last few days which is confusing.

    I know the monitor gets used to you etc but had it totally missed the massive surge in estrogen before ov and yet picked up something else later? I don't want to keep plugging money into it if it's going to give my unreliable results! Or could it be my body not doing what it's supposed to?

    Has anyone had similar experiences?


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