Breastfeeding with a boob job....


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Mar 21, 2011
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So ladies, I breastfed my daughter and managed for around 3 weeks before I couldn't give her enough to fill her - I could only use one side as I had an inverted nipple on the other and she couldn't latch on very well.
Despite my best efforts and a lot of crying I eventually admitted defeat and turned to formula.

After deciding it wasn't looking like we weren't having a second child after 4 years of TTC, I bit the bullet and got a much wanted boob job - literally just in April this year and my inverted nipple has just about fully corrected itself without any surgical help so is now in full working order :)

I've since found out we're expecting number 2 :dance:
I'm hoping I'll be able to successfully breastfeed with the correction of the nipple now but has anyone else had any issues after having a boob job?

PP xXx
Not personally hun but a friend had implants done and successfully bf for about 18months! No issues with supply or anything and she could express loads too!!! Good luck for bf this time :)
I had boob job before i had child. And i was scared that breastfeeding my LO will be problem. But everything went well. Actually i remember before my surgery i asked my surgeon at Forme clinic if it will be safe. And the answer was yes. I breastfed for 2 years and everything was fine.
I had a boob job years ago ( under muscle), had my first one year ago but never succeed to put him to latch on because of my flattish/introverted nipples so I only expressed for a couple of months and topped-up with formula.

I am expecting my second now and really hope will be able this time , I will put more effort in this. If your nipples are corrected now can't see a reason why you wouldn't be able to breastfeed x

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