braxton hicks and contractions!


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Nov 23, 2009
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Im probably being completely stupid but I didnt make any of the parenting classes :lol:

how do you know when your getting actual contractions rather than braxton hicks??

Iv had lots of braxton hicks but today im getting very sore period like pain with the tightening but the pain is only low down, not over the whole bump thats solid as a rock! sometimes the pain goes to my back but not always.

dont know if maybe its just wishful thinking that somethings happening!

thanks folks :)
not too sure but if you are worried i would just phone midwife. i know with my second all my pain was in my back x
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It sounds like things could be moving forward - i see your due so could well be early labour try and get some rest whilst you can x
still the same, usually bout every 8-10 mins! hope its the beginning of things! have to get up and have a walk when it starts, doesnt help the pain but makes me more comfy if that makes sense???
Remember with my middle one just walking round and round the kitchen table evrytime i had one coming on - stayed at home for ages and will deffo be trying that this time(was only in hospital 15mins before i had her). Try and get some sleep if you can and maybe a bath to relax - i'm all excited for you now - good luck and keep us posted xx
thanks :) best be off to bed now then! night all xx
Sounds like things might be happening! Good luck and let us know how you get on! xx
havent had a wink of sleep!! contractions got really bad in my back so went to see midwife at 7 this morning n im 2cm dilated! baby is lying back to back so i need to try and shift him :S then hopefully my back wont be so sore!

glad things are moving on though considering my due date was yesterday :)
Oooooh sounds really positive! x How exciting! x good luck x
Keep upright and mobile to help with that back to back position. If you have a birth ball then sit open legged on itand swing your hips. Stairs also help so dont be shy going up and down them! All downward pressure will get that cervix dilating and help you to get into established labour :)
Ohhh sounds exciting - how are contractions now?
pain in my back is nearly unbearable :( contractions every 6ish mins, not moving very quickly at all. dont wanna go to the midwife because ill just get sent home again. Been up n sown the stairs, in the bath, on the ball, on my hands n knees, hes just not shifting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck, sounds as if you'll have your little bundle very soon xx
oooh good luck honey it'll all kick off soon - keep bouncing!
How exciting!! You probably have a new baby by now so I'll just say "CONGRATS"!!
no such luck :( still in unbelievable pain lol contractions still in back so baby hasnt moved. midwife says only thing i can do the now is take paracetemol until he moves :( this is the third night and iv had a total of about half an hours sleep since it began!!!!!!!!!

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